Staying sober while working in the alcohol industry is a challenge.

Staying sober while working in the alcohol industry is a challenge.

Steve Allison/Unsplash

For those working in the restaurant industry, there’s easy and practically unlimited access to a highly addictive substance: alcohol. In an article recently published on the site SevenFifty Daily, journalist Hannah Wallace looked into the preponderance of alcoholism among bartenders, waiters and others in the food-and-beverage business. We discuss.

Next, if you noticed those tallboys of Radler in your local gourmet grocery this past summer, you might be wondering where they went. Our beer expert Jeff Alworth fills us in on the latest canned craze, the beer spritz.

And for our final course, Andy Kryza fills us in on a feature he wrote for Thrillist about Tenacity Brewing, which opened in Flint, Michigan, in the midst of the toxic water crisis. How important is water purity to brewers? Very, it turns out.

Meet our panelists: Hannah Wallace is a journalist covering food, wine, agriculture for publications such as Vogue and Civil Eats. Jeff Alworth is the author of “Secrets of the Master Brewers,” “The Beer Bible,” and “Cider Made Simple.” And Andy Kryza is a senior editor at Thrillist. Our host is Katherine Cole.

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