Kelly Montoya, courtesy of Little Sous

We’ve all read the articles about the surge in demand for online grocery services due to the coronavirus quarantine. For MilkRun — a service that delivers direct from farms, artisans, ranches and fishing boats — business has grown tenfold in a matter of weeks. We learn how culinary entrepreneur Julia Niiro has adapted to this seismic shift. 

Next, we hear from a supplier of gourmet ingredients who previously supplied restaurants. Now, thanks to the internet, he’s selling his exotic foodstuffs directly to consumers. And finally, we learn how at-home cooking education is keeping parents sane and connecting kids with family.

Thank you to our panelists: Julia Niiro, founder and CEO of MilkRun; Ted Farthing, owner and president of Fresh & Wild specialty foods; and Kelly Montoya, founder and CEO of Little Sous. Our host is Katherine Cole

This episode was recorded remotely in locations across the Portland area. Stay safe out there.

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