What does it take for women to make it in the male-dominated beverages industry?

What does it take for women to make it in the male-dominated beverages industry?


Maggie Hoffman, author of “Batch Cocktails: Make-Ahead Pitcher Drinks for Every Occasion,” kicks off Episode 60 by mixing a Chipotle Collins and explaining the science of masterful home mixology for a crowd.

Next, Cheryl Wakerhauser, a pâtissière, Sherry professional, and five-time winner of the “World’s Best Champagne and Sparkling Wine List” award, kicks off a discussion of how hard one has to hustle to make it in the world of fine beverages.

Finally, Lee Hedgmon, professional distiller, brewer, and founder of the SheBrew festival, discusses ways to foster community within the drinks industry, particularly for women and people of color, as the culture shifts. We are joined by Molly Troupe, master distiller at Freeland Spirits, where we recorded this episode.

Meet our panelists: Maggie Hoffman is a food and beverage journalist, editor, and author. Lee Hedgmon is a professional distiller, brewer, and co-founder of the SheBrew festival. Cheryl Wakerhauser is the author of “Modern French Pastry” and owner of the Pix Pâtisserie and Bar Vivant in Portland. And our special guest is Molly Troupe, the master distiller at Freeland Spirits.

Our host is Katherine Cole. Thank you to our brand partner, Drink Shrub.