When we sat down with three experts to discuss the future of food, we were surprised to learn that the past is prologue. According to our panelists, the age-old practice of foraging, whether for truffles or spring ramps, is enjoying a resurgence.

And Gen Z may be the snacking generation, but these youths expect their foods to be sustainably sourced and nutritious. They will make an exception, however, for a good old-fashioned Oreo cookie.

In our last course, we learn about the surprising work a new grocery chain is doing to convince health insurance companies that fresh, locally grown foods save lives.

Meet our panelists: Rowan Jacobsen is the James Beard award-winning author of seven books and a journalist covering sustainability, the food industry, and more for national publications such as Outside magazine. Jennifer Bryman is president and cofounder of Heart Creative, a culinary marketing agency. Fernando Divina is a James Beard award-winning cookbook author and the president, creative director and executive chef at Basics Market. And our host is Katherine Cole. This episode was recorded in studio at OPB.

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