MacGregor Campbell
MacGregor Campbell

MacGregor Campbell


MacGregor Campbell is an award-winning visual journalist and editorial product creator specializing in animation, story editing and design processes.

Mac co-created, co-produced, story edited and led animation for OPB's Superabundant food video series. He directed the design and implementation of OPB's elections results products in multiple election cycles and was a lead on the complete redesign of OPB's web presence in 2019-2020. He also initiated and directed the creation of OPB's homepage COVID-19 data visualizations.

As a video producer, Mac has created popular explainer videos on NW volcanoes, the Hanford cleanup, geoduck poaching, and has led teams to create ballot measure explainers on tax policies, drug decriminalization, immigration and psychedelic mushrooms.

With OPB Mac has won a number of NW regional Emmy awards as both an animator and a producer. He's won regional Murrow awards for video and multimedia. As a story editor he has helped his colleagues win two Best of the West awards for video.

Prior to coming to OPB, as a reporter covering tech in the Bay Area, Mac was one of the first to trace the evolution of the DOD-funded AI project that would become Apple’s Siri. He profiled some of the earliest modern efforts to tackle the potential danger of AI systems. And was first to report on a tool to facilitate human-dolphin communication.

Outside of OPB his work has appeared in New Scientist, The Economist Intelligence Unit, National Geographic and ProPublica, among others. As an animator and story consultant, Mac contributed to the ProPublica team that won the 2020 Pulitzer Prize for national reporting.

In 2018 Mac created a master's level class on explanatory journalism with the University of Oregon's School of Journalism and Communication, which he teaches every year.