How science and history created the delicious Oregon strawberry

Strawberries have a long history in Oregon, both as part of our agricultural landscape and also as part of our state's story. From arriving via the Oregon Trail, to varieties being developed to combat disease, to a century old celebration with enough strawberry shortcake to feed a city, Oregon is serious about its strawberries.


How chardonnay reflects Oregon’s changing wine scene

Pinot Noir put Northwest wine on the map, but chardonnay, its white-wine cousin, is having a moment. A new generation of winemakers is pushing the boundaries of what our region can do. With some key scientific advances, and a better understanding of our soils and terroir, Oregon chardonnays are breaking into numerous “best of” lists and commanding premium prices.

Superabundant in 2023

Superabundant's second course explores the ingredients that sustain the Northwest. Follow Dungeness crab from underwater meadows to the dinner plate. Taste how Oregon's unique soils, give character to Chardonnay. Examine the complex relationship between humans and psilocybin mushrooms. Learn why Oregon is a strawberry paradise. And see why corn could represent Oregon's future.

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How the Oregon truffle bends humans to its will

Truffles are mysterious organisms that thrive in the damp forests of the Pacific Northwest, especially in Oregon. Like their above-ground cousins, mushrooms, they are the fruit of vast underground networks of fungus.

Salmon: The original ‘Superabundant’ food of the Pacific Northwest

Few things unite the Pacific Northwest’s culture, economy and ecology like food. But sometimes the ingredients we eat are also divisive. Take salmon: Once these fish were superabundant throughout the region, but the arrival of western settlers — who introduced overfishing and dams — has taken a toll.

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