Urban-forager Sara Bir hard at work.

Urban-forager Sara Bir hard at work.

Melanie Tienter

We recorded this episode in the commercial kitchen of Marshall’s Haute Sauces, surrounded by jars of beautiful summer vegetables “put up” by Sarah Marshall. She introduces us to the tools of the trade and fills us in on whether or not home canning is a potentially lethal pursuit.

Next, urban-forager Sara Bir fills us in on the exotic edibles that are right under our noses, even in the city. (Who knew sumac was so easy to find?)

Finally, food historian Heather Arndt Anderson gives us the lowdown on the history of preserving foods, and we discuss the catfight between the canning camp and the fermenting camp.

Meet our panelists: Sara Bir is the author of “The Fruit Forager’s Companion” and the “Pocket Paw Paw Cookbook.” Botanist and food historian Heather Arndt Anderson is the author of four books on food. And Sarah Marshall, the doyenne behind Marshall’s Haute Sauces, is the author of “Preservation Pantry.” Our host is Katherine Cole.

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