Oregon Gov. Kate Brown on Thursday endorsed legislation to lower the state’s drunk-driving limit, saying that she thinks society is moving toward discouraging driving after any amount of drinking.

The governor said in a telephone press conference with reporters that she would help Senate President Peter Courtney, D-Salem, in passing legislation that would lower the current .08 percent blood-alcohol limit to .05 percent.

Utah this week became the first state in the nation to impose that lower limit.

“I think it makes sense for Oregon to take a leadership role on this issue,” said Brown, adding, “we have really seen a culture change” in society becoming increasingly intolerant of drunk driving.

“My experience is somewhat limited in this arena,” Brown said, “but the dinner party I was at New Year’s Eve, everybody who was driving was a designated driver and not drinking.” 

People absorb alcohol differently, but the lower limit would generally cut by one drink the amount a person could consume compared to current law.

Under the new limit, an average 160-pound man could have no more than two drinks in an hour while a 120-pound woman could have no more than one drink in that period.