Claymation pioneers Bob Gardiner and Will Vinton.

Claymation pioneers Bob Gardiner and Will Vinton.

Courtesy of Will Vinton

Animator Will Vinton has died. His family announced on Facebook Thursday that he died after a 12-year battle with blood cancer. He was 70.

Vinton played a key role in shaping Oregon’s thriving animation scene. His work in claymation, seen in short films and commercials, won him several Oscar nominations and a win for his 1975 short film “Closed Mondays.”

In recent years, Vinton continued to offer young artists advice on their work, and turned his energy to developing a musical with composer David Pomerantz.

The family says a celebration of Vinton’s life is scheduled at the No Vacancy Lounge in downtown Portland on Sunday, Oct. 21.

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