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Bend-La Pine School District Votes To Oppose Statewide Tax Measure

Bend school district offices.

Bend school district offices.

David Nogueras/OPB

The board of Oregon’s fifth-largest school district has voted to oppose the ballot measure formerly known as IP 28 — a corporate tax measure that would affect companies with more than $25 million dollars in revenue in Oregon.

The Bend-La Pine School District board voted 4-3 against IP 28, which would tax large businesses to help fund education, among other things.

Board chairwoman Peggy Kincaid said she personally didn’t vote against IP 28 because it’s supported by many local teachers. But Kincaid shares the concern of other board members.

“While this IP 28 is supposed to be raising funds for schools, for health care and for seniors, that’s not nearly the number of dollars that are expected, or desired or needed for education,” Kincaid said. 

“The fact that they took a position against it is really surprising,” said Summit High School teacher Travis Overly. He was was disappointed in the board’s opposition to the funding measure.

“I think it sends a really unfortunate message to our community — our students, our teachers, our parents, our local businesses who depend on an educated healthy workforce. I think it’s really unfortunate.”

The local education association in Bend has come out in support of the measure, along with a number of teacher unions across the state. So far, the Bend La-Pine board is the only school board in the state to come out against IP 28.

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