Boyd Britton serves as a commissioner in Grant County, Oregon.

Boyd Britton serves as a commissioner in Grant County, Oregon.

Amanda Peacher/OPB

A group of citizens is attempting to recall a county commissioner in Northeast Oregon’s Grant County.

Boyd Britton owns a welding shop in John Day Oregon and works as a commissioner part time.

County Clerk Brenda Percy said petitioners have submitted just over 560 signatures calling for his recall. They need 490 valid signatures to force a recall vote.

“I have 10 days to certify that they have enough verifiable signatures. Once that process is completed commissioner Britton has five days to respond or resign.

The group behind the recall effort says that Britton refused to call for an investigation into the Canyon Creek Complex wildfire. That fire destroyed dozens of homes last year near John Day. The county commission decided against an investigation, saying it would be expensive and time consuming.

The Forest Service has said severe weather conditions caused that fire to spread uncontrollably.

The petitioners also listed other grievances related to federal land management and the Malheur Wildlife Refuge Occupation.