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Union Pacific Stands Out For Track-Caused Derailments But Not Oil Spills

Federal officials placed the blame for this summer's fiery derailment in Mosier with Union Pacific Railroad. EarthFix analyzed federal data to put the railroad's safety record into context.

Mosier Groundwater Contaminated After Oil Train Derailment

Groundwater at the site of the oil train derailment in Mosier, Oregon, is contaminated with elevated levels of benzene and other volatile organic compounds. But the main worry isn't drinking water: it's the health of nearby wildlife.

Ballot Initiative Could Make Oil Trains Illegal In Spokane

Spokane’s City Councilis asking voters to decide a November ballot initiative that would make the shipment of oil or coal by rail through the city a civil infraction.

Q&A: Gov. Jay Inslee Pushes For Walking Inspections On Tracks

Washington state Gov. Jay Inslee talks with OPB All Things Considered host Kate Davidson about a topic he is becoming increasingly vocal on: oil trains.

A Month After Mosier Derailment, New Rules To Improve Safety Of Oil Trains

In response to the Mosier oil train derailment, Oregon Sens. Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden introduced their second bill tackling oil train safety.  

About Oil Trains In The Northwest

OPB's coverage on the transportation of oil by rail in the Northwest.