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For Farmworkers' Kids, Country Air Means Dust, Pesticides And Asthma


The children of the people who grow our food are especially vulnerable to severe asthma attacks. Now, researchers are trying a new approach to solving the problem.

Oregon Wave Energy Testing Project Looks To Feds For Approval


A wave energy test facility off the Oregon coast has entered a new phase of development. 

Making Homes Resistant To Wildfire May Be Cheaper Than We Thought


Homes mixed in with forests are a big complication for managing wildfires. But experts say keeping those homes from burning could be cheaper and simpler than previously thought.

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Every Day, Tons Of Viruses Are Swept Into The Sky And Fall Back Down To Earth

For the first time, scientists measured the quantity of viruses that are swept into the Earth's atmosphere and then fall back down. The study explains why similar viruses are spread across the globe.

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As Philippines Shuts Down A Popular Tourist Island, Residents Fear For Their Future

President Rodrigo Duterte called Boracay island a "cesspool." It draws 2 million visitors a year but isn't equipped to accommodate them. Residents agree there's a problem, but worry about losing jobs.

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Hard To Prove Hanford Waste Treatment Plant Is Safe, Report Claims

A federal watchdog agency said Wednesday that it's hard to prove that Hanford's Waste Treatment Plant is safe.

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Homeowners Have A Large Role In Protecting Their Own Properties From Wildfire

Homeowners should watch out for anything leaning against the house that might act as a fire start — like a broom. And get charcoal briquettes, firewood and other potentially flammable items away from the house.

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#ScootersBehavingBadly: U.S. Cities Race To Keep Up With Small Vehicle Shares

Cities like San Francisco and Austin are struggling to regulate a flood of new transportation options, from electric scooters to dock-less bikes. Residents are angry over sidewalk and safety concerns.


Vote Expected Soon On Bill To Protect Snake River Dams

A vote is expected this week on a bill to leave the Snake River dams as they are. The bill is in response to a federal judge’s order to consider removing the dams to protect salmon.

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Clackamas Eyeglass Maker To Pay $750,000 For Discharging Hazardous Waste

Court documents show Carl Zeiss Vision, Inc. routinely discharged industrial wastewater with very high and low pH levels into the Kellogg Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant.

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Flint Activist Wins Major Environmental Prize

LeeAnne Walters demanded action from local officials, confronting them with bottles of discolored water. They dismissed her for months. She meticulously documented lead levels in Flint homes.

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Forest Service Eyes Limits On Popular Oregon Wilderness Areas

Federal officials are taking public comments on management strategies for five central Oregon wilderness areas that include possible restrictions on the number of visitors.

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Oregon Coast Pyrosomes Continue To Multiply

The invasion of the pyrosomes, gelatinous, translucent tube-like creatures ranging in size from less than an inch to a foot or more, continues in force off the coast of Oregon for a second year, baffling scientists.


This Is What That 'Salmon-Safe' Label Says About Your Wine Or Eggs


One of the region's biggest farm operations touts its products as certified "salmon safe." Does that matter to consumers deciding which carton of eggs to put in their shopping cart?

Health Officials Want You To Prepare For Wildfire Smoke Now


For some people with heart and lung problems, wildfire smoke can be especially unhealthy and sometimes deadly. Experts say people can prepare for smoky air by buying an air filtration system.

Will These Sage Grouse Be ‘Nevermore’ With Egg-Stealing Ravens In Their Midst?


The West's greater sage grouse are in trouble  for all kinds of reasons. Researchers are starting to look into an unusual threat: predatory ravens.

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