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Trump Administration Abandons Plans To Close Forest Service Job Corps Centers


Oregon lawmakers were among those pressuring Trump officials to back off plans to close nine centers – including two in Oregon and Washington – and transfer 16 others to private contractors.

I Spy, Via Spy Satellite: Melting Himalayan Glaciers


Scientists are using old spy satellite images to measure the effects of climate change. They're finding that glaciers in the Himalayas are melting twice as fast as they were a few decades earlier.

This Washington Fire District Will Use Goats To Reduce Fire Risks

Northwest Public Broadcasting

Homes in one Central Washington city may be a little better protected from wildfires this season, thanks to a herd of goats.

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Trump Administration Weakens Climate Plan To Help Coal Plants Stay Open

The Trump administration is replacing one of President Obama's signature plans to address climate change. It could help some coal-fired power plants, but likely won't slow the industry's decline.

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Change To Oregon Smoke Rules Seeing Early Results For Prescribed Burns

We’re not getting nearly enough prescribed fire on the ground to restore forests and manage the risk of severe wildfire. Oregon's new smoke rules are intended to change that trend.

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Canada's Trudeau Approves Controversial Pipeline Expansion

The prime minister first approved the project, which is opposed by many environmental groups, in 2016, but Tuesday's announcement means construction can begin later this year.

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Going 'Zero Carbon' Is All The Rage. But Will It Slow Climate Change?

Cities, states, businesses and electric utilities are setting ambitious goals to cut greenhouse gas emissions. But it's not clear exactly how they'll do that or whether it will actually work.

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For Heavy-Duty Trucks, 'The Future Is Electric'

Trucking industry leaders say more and more pickup and delivery trucks will join a growing number of school and transit buses in going electric in the next 20 years.

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Willapa Bay Oyster Farmers Struggle As Shrimp Population Booms

The booming population of a native species of Northwest shrimp threatens the oyster beds of Washington's Willapa Bay and a coastal way of life.

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Oregon's Cap-And-Trade Bill Clears House, Heads To Senate

Oregon House lawmakers debated the cap-and-trade bill for six hours before passing it largely along party lines.

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1st Herbicide Barrel Removed From Oregon's Wallowa Lake

Despite initial fears about Agent Orange, the barrels seem to have been full of lake water, though the EPA is waiting for test results to confirm that the water and barrels are indeed clean.

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Oregon House Passes Oil Train Safety Regulations

After three failed attempts, Oregon lawmakers appear poised to pass a bill regulating the transport of oil by rail through the state.

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Replacing Plastic: Can Bacteria Help Us Break The Habit?

Entrepreneurs are eager to find substitutes for plastic that naturally degrade. One option is a "natural" plastic made by microbes and then eaten by them. But the process is still in early days.

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