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Researchers Will Soon Predict the Snowpack Before the Snow Even Falls


NOAA researchers have built a tool that can predict the snowpack eight months ahead of time, before the snow even falls.

Some Columbia River Gorge Trail Closures Could Last Years


The U.S. Forest Service gave an update on the conditions of Columbia River Gorge trails Friday. They say some trails may take years to reopen.

U.S. Set To Decide In Trade Dispute Threatening Booming Solar Industry


President Trump is facing a Jan. 26 deadline to decide whether to impose tariffs on solar imports. While tariffs could help level the playing field for U.S. manfacturers, they could also raise prices.

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5 Workers Are Missing After An Explosion At Oklahoma Drilling Rig

One worker was taken to a hospital and 16 others made it out of the area safely. The fire was put out Monday night but rescue workers can't search for the missing until the site cools down.

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Several Injured After Volcanic Eruption At Japanese Ski Resort

Mount Kusatsu-Shirane suddenly erupted Tuesday morning, spewing volcanic rocks and belching a curtain of black smoke. An avalanche that followed injured at least 10 people.

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Trump Approves 30 Percent Tariff On Imported Solar Panels

President Trump has approved a 30 percent tariff on imported solar panels in a decision that has split the U.S. solar industry.

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Living Well Now: What Does It Take?

Shaping our lives around fulfilling social, intellectual and creative potential — keys to happiness — is more compatible with sustainability than pursuing unlimited wealth, says author Randall Curren.

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Washington DNR Wants More Time to Decide About Logging Unstable Slopes

Washington state public lands commissioner Hilary Franz is asking the legislature for more time to review proposals from timber companies to log potentially unstable slopes.

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Visitors To Mount Rainier Find National Park Mostly Closed

At Mount Rainier, even though the main winter entrance on the southwest edge of the park was open, the road leading up the mountain was barricaded at Longmire, just six miles inside the park.

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Crews Work To Pull Up Tank That May Be Source Of Columbia River Oil Sheen

The Coast Guard says contract crews are working to pull up an old 20-foot-long tank that may be the potential source of an oil sheen on the Columbia River near Astoria.

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The Thorny Logistics Of A Government Shutdown

The partial federal shutdown that went into effect at midnight on Friday has a broad effect, from closing the Statue of Liberty, to furloughs at the Department of Education.

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Windstorm On Oregon Coast Uncorks Explosive Surf

Strong winds and high seas on the Oregon Coast have prompted a warning for wave watchers to remain vigilant through the weekend.

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An Eagle Finds His Wings Again At Astoria Wildlife Center

When the eagle is released later this month, he'll rejoin a robust population — one that seems to be reshaping bird colonies up and down the Oregon Coast.


Trump Eases Rules For Bird-Killing Wind Turbines, Power Lines


Most birds in the United States have been protected under federal law. But now, to benefit the energy industry, the Trump administration has made a major change to how the law is enforced.

Northwest Sea Lion Saved From Certain Death Now Does Tricks In Chicago


A sea lion named Biff is one of a lucky few with new homes in zoos and aquariums after they were removed from the Columbia River to protect salmon.

Collecting Lichen To Save The Last Caribou In The Lower 48

Northwest News Network

The last herd of caribou found anywhere in the lower 48 states is in the Pacific Northwest. They live in a mountain range that that stretches across the U.S.-Canada border into northeastern Washington and the Idaho panhandle.

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