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EPA Must Protect Salmon From Warming Waters, Judge Rules


A federal court ruled Wednesday that the Environmental Protection Agency must come up with a plan to protect salmon from warm water temperatures.

A Rare Political Common Ground: Rooftop Solar


Whether you’re a Republican or Democrat, chances are you support rooftop solar. New research suggests there’s a reason why two groups that normally disagree on environmental issues both like solar.

Siletz Bay Crab Clinic Makes Ocean-To-Table Easy … Sort Of


Bill Lackner holds free clamming and crabbing clinics on Siletz Bay every summer. We tag along and see how it's done.

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Judge Denies Injunction To Block Logging Project In Umpqua Forest

A federal judge has denied a request from several environmental groups for a preliminary injunction against a 500-acre logging project in Oregon’s Umpqua National Forest.

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What Migrants Displaced By The Dust Bowl And Climate Events Can Teach Us

The World Bank predicts climate change may displace 143 million people by 2050. Environmental shifts have caused migration on smaller scales throughout the history of North America, historians say.

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'It Will Be Years' Before Life At Tyndall Air Force Base Returns To Normal

Tyndall Air Force base, home to 11,000 airmen and their families, sustained catastrophic damage when Hurricane Michael came through earlier this month. Residents don't know if they will ever go back.

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Supreme Court Suspends Proceedings In Youth-Led Climate Case In Eugene

The U.S. Supreme Court has suspended proceedings in a youth-led climate case scheduled to go to trial in Eugene beginning Oct. 29.

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VIDEO: Watch The Sea Forager Sustainably Harvest The Ocean's Bounty

In sun, sea and sand, Kirk Lombard teaches people how to responsibly fish and forage for dinner along the Northern California coast.

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Why Stay During A Hurricane? Because It's Not As Simple As 'Get Out'

As rescues continue after Hurricane Michael, officials expressed frustration at people who didn't evacuate. But experts say people's decisions to stay are almost always carefully considered.

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In Japan, A Strange Sight: Cherry Blossoms Blooming In The Fall

"I have never seen anything like this," said tree surgeon Hiroyuki Wada. Two typhoons that recently struck the country are a likely cause of the sudden flowering.

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Oregon Gets Unusual Opportunity To Impact Federal Air Quality Rules

The Trump administration is proposing to lower vehicle fuel economy standards and a loosening of power plant emissions targets.

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A Couple’s Labor Of Love Keeps Wilderness Trails Open For Others

After wildland fires destroyed the trails of a little-known wilderness, people said they'd never be rebuilt. One young couple refused to accept that answer.

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Where They Stand: Oregon's Gubernatorial Candidates On Climate Change

Gov. Kate Brown and state Rep. Knute Buehler both tout their belief in climate change. They differ on policies for tackling it. 


Sea Lion Shuttle Service Not A Solution To Lethal Removal At Willamette Falls


Wildlife managers have asked for permission to kill sea lions at Willamette Falls to save threatened fish. Their attempt to relocate the animals have not solved the problem.

Public Lands Grazing Helps Ranchers, Sage Grouse, Study Says


Grazing restrictions on public lands may have unintended consequences for greater sage grouse, according to a recent study. The imperiled birds' habitat can be lost when ranching operations go under.

Why Many Northwest Animals And Plants Need Wildfire


Not all wildfire is a force of destruction. Many of our favorite Northwest plants and animals have evolved to depend on it.

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