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Northwest Coastal Wetlands Won't Survive High Sea Level Rise


As sea level rises over the next century coastal wetlands in the Northwest will change – and many will disappear totally.

Activists Protest Puget Sound Energy Plan To Keep Using Coal


About one hundred activists gathered Wednesday to protest Puget Sound Energy’s plan to keep producing electricity from coal until 2035.

To Save Steelhead, Oregon Trucks Sea Lions From Willamette Falls To The Coast


Oregon wildlife managers are trapping sea lions at Willamette Falls and trucking them out to the coast in an effort to protect a very fragile run of steelhead.

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Oregon DEQ Finds 40 Different Chemicals In North Coast Groundwater Wells

Nearly 40 different contaminants, including nitrates, pesticides, metals and bacteria, have been detected in well water on Oregon’s north coast.

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New Maps Reveal Global Fishing's 'Vast Scope Of Exploitation Of The Ocean'

Researchers have used radio transmissions to track the movement of fishing vessels and create stunning maps of fishing activity. The maps show that fishing covers most of the globe's oceans.

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As Washington's Apple Industry Grows, Smaller Growers Disappear

There’s the shortage of labor and its increasing cost. The cost of mechanization. The growth of government regulations. Combined, they make the viability of small-scale tree fruit farms daunting.

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With Less Snow, Can Snowshoe Hares Adapt Quick Enough To Avoid Predators?

In a future with less snow cover, survival for Northwest mammals who turn white in the winter could depend on staying brown all year long.

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Arizona's Tepary Beans Preserve A Native Past, Hold Promise For The Future

Local Native Americans grew teparies for centuries, but the beans began to sink into obscurity. Now, thanks to seed preservation and farmers who want to preserve the past, they're making a comeback.

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'Stop Work' Declared At Hanford To Check Vehicles For Nuclear Contamination

It’s the same site where government contractors have struggled to tame the spread of contamination all winter.

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PGE Seeks Permit To Increase Pollution At Carty Plant In Boardman

Portland General Electric’s natural gas-fired power plant in Boardman would be allowed to emit more than three times as much carbon monoxide and eight times as much smog-causing pollution if a new permit is approved.

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In Pyeongchang, Trees Get Help To Resist The Wind

The wind roared in from Siberia, toppling concession stands and security scanners. These huge gusts led NPR's team to realize why so many trees in the area have elaborate support systems.

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Tracking Salmon Migration Through Music

Salmon researchers are turning to sound to learn more about the fish they're trying to understand.

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Like Lemons? Quinoa? Thank This Food Explorer For Bringing Them To Your Plate

In the early 20th century, botanist David Fairchild traveled the world and brought plants back to the U.S. that we now see as thoroughly American. NPR talks with the author of a book on Fairchild.


Tracking Salmon Migration Through Music


Salmon researchers are turning to sound to learn more about the fish they're trying to understand.

These South Seattle Teens Are Taking On The Nation's Aviation Regulators


Residents of Seattle’s Beacon Hill neighborhood are demanding the federal government do more to address the problem of airplane noise.

Tracking Down Fishers — But Not For Their Furs


The fur-trapping trade has all but vanished from the Pacific Northwest. But even today, there are still people out in the woods, trying to track down a sleek, furry creature called a fisher.

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