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For Rural Communities, Wildfire Brings Economic Help, Hardships


Wildfire represents both risk and reward for some small communities in Washington. Walking the line between a "good fire" and a "bad fire" can be tricky.

Oregon Now Has A Hypoxia Season, Just Like A Wildfire Season


Scientists say warming ocean temperatures mean Oregon's coastal waters now have a low-oxygen season, just as the state's forests have a fire season.

Would You Lock Yourself In A Box Of Smog — For Science?


If you could teleport inside a polluted box to save lives, would you?

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Will Hanford Workers Finally Be Safe From Toxic Exposure?

On Tuesday, the state of Washington, a Hanford union and a Hanford watchdog organization said they have tentatively settled a three-year old lawsuit over workers being made sick from toxic vapors from Hanford’s underground tanks.

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Footing The Bill For Climate Change: 'By The End Of The Day, Someone Has To Pay'

As the risks of disasters grow, the insurance industry is adapting with them — and consumer advocates and others fear that the brunt of the bills will increasingly hit low-income homeowners.

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Father-Son Duo Turns Ruined Grapes Into Tasty Aid For Napa Fire Victims

The Cates family has been turning excess wine grapes into raisins as a way to reduce food waste. Since last year's devastating fires in California's wine-growing region, they've expanded.

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Experts Warn Some Coastal Residents Should Consider Rebuilding Inland

N.C. Gov. Roy Cooper says the state is confronting catastrophic flooding caused by Hurricane Florence. The recovery will involve difficult questions about living with the hazards of water.

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Trump Administration Eases Regulation Of Methane Leaks On Public Lands

The proposal to reduce limits on methane emissions from oil and gas operations on public land is the latest move to roll back Obama-era climate regulations.

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Floodwaters Rise In Carolinas, Taking Lives And Prompting Environmental Concerns

The storm is blamed for 34 deaths in three states. More than 10,000 people in North Carolina are living in shelters, and thousands of people have been rescued from their homes.

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Canada-US Pacific Salmon Preservation Plan Advances

Canada, Alaska, Oregon and Washington would all reduce their catch of fragile salmon species under the terms of an updated international agreement that, if approved, will help keep the migratory fish afloat in Pacific waters.

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Cougar Cameras Coming Up Empty 3 Days After Animal's Killing

Officials shot and killed a cougar suspected of fatally attacking hiker Diana Bober. They're still looking for more.

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Much Of Columbia River Closed To Salmon Fishing

The rare closure of most of the Columbia River to salmon fishing is largely the result of bad weather and bad ocean conditions in 2015.

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Oregon Launches First Statewide Refillable Bottle System In U.S.

The new beer bottles can be refilled up to 40 times and are designed to be easily separated from the rest of the glass in the deposit system, ensuring that they get refilled instead of recycled.


Learning To Live With Wildfire

The way we dealt with wildfire for much of the 20th century was mostly dead wrong. That, we've known for decades. So why do we keep getting it so wrong when it comes to living with wildfire?

Our Favorite Mountains Are Under Siege. Blame Your Selfie.


Like democracy and cute animals before it, The Enchantments mountain range is suffering from the misguided side-effects of social media — in particular, Instagram.

We’ve Seen The Future of Meat, And It’s Plants


On this episode of ReInventors, we visit Field Roast’s test kitchen to learn how their chefs are creating the future of meat by fusing ancient Chinese recipes with traditional charcuterie.

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