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The Future Climate For Western Oregon? California's Central Valley


What town currently feels like what your city will feel like after 60 years of climate change? A new mapping tool answers that question.

Oregon Doctor's Personal Climate Battle Spurs Industry Change


An Oregon doctor wants his fellow anesthesiologists to be more aware of the environmental impact of the drugs they use. 

Half Mystery, Half Magic: In Search Of Great Grey Owls


Nicknamed the "ghosts of the forest," great grey owls are elusive. Photographer Ken Shults is on a quest to find and photograph these elegant owls.

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To Save Endangered Species, Conservationists Want You To Wrap It Up

Before you wrap up that date with your special someone, there’s something else conservationists hope you wrap up as well. They say preventing unplanned pregnancies could help save endangered species.

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As More Electric Cars Arrive, What's The Future For Gas-Powered Engines?

The vast majority of American cars run on gasoline. But analysts say that's poised to change as electric vehicles take over the market — albeit not as quickly as environmental activists might like.

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Sky Islands And Starry-Eyed Frogs: Breathtaking Photos Of Remote Ecosystems

Prasenjeet Yadav wants his photos to make people care about the environment — whether it's grasslands vanishing in southwest India or windmills taking over a lizard's habitat.

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Portland General Electric Set To Build 1st-Of-Its-Kind Renewable Energy Site

Eastern Oregon may soon be home to a next-generation renewable energy project that would be the country's first large-scale facility that combines wind turbines, solar panels and battery storage.

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You May Be Surprised To Learn Which 2 Countries Are Making The Globe A Lot Greener

Satellite images show the amount of green vegetation on Earth increasing, despite deforestation. But some of the added greenery has a down side.

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Trump Tweet Fails To Save Kentucky Coal-Fired Power Plant

Despite pressure from President Trump and other Republicans, the Tennessee Valley Authority voted Thursday to close a coal plant in Kentucky. A major Trump backer supplies the plant with coal.

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Wolves May Keep Cows Off Washington Fish And Wildlife Land

Washington Fish and Wildlife may prohibit cattle from some department grazing lands to avoid conflicts with wolves, according to an internal review of grazing policies.

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After 16 Months Of Dead Fish, Manatees And Dolphins, Florida's Red Tide Ebbs

The red tide algae bloom that has plagued coastal communities in Florida since 2017 is starting to dissipate, much to the relief of local communities and tourism officials.

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Oregon's State Parks Break Camping Attendance Record, Higher Fees At Popular Parks Coming

The number of people camping in Oregon’s state parks reached new heights in 2018.

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Heavy Rain Forces Californians To Flee, Triggers Mudslide

Waves of heavy rain pounded California on Thursday, filling normally dry creeks and rivers with muddy torrents, flooding roadways and forcing residents to flee their homes in communities scorched by wildfires.

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Harley-Davidson Embraces A New Sound As It Enters The Electric Era

The LiveWire, Harley's first electric bike, was first announced more than four years ago. It's finally hitting the streets this summer — for a hefty price. But will Harley fans be along for the ride?


Last Visit: A Personal Tour Of Oregon's Iconic Nelson House


A final look at Oregon's most photographed homestead.

Learning To Live With Wildfire

The way we dealt with wildfire for much of the 20th century was mostly dead wrong. That, we've known for decades. So why do we keep getting it so wrong when it comes to living with wildfire?

Umatilla's Owl Man Is Bringing Burrowing Owls Back From The Brink


A decommissioned chemical weapons depot and a lone biologist might be the last hope for a population of burrowing owls.

Could Zoning Change Shield Bend From Wildfire?


The idea is to put a fire-resistant buffer between one of Oregon’s fastest growing cities and the pine forest routinely burning around it.

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