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Trump Seizes On Soggy Paper Straws As Campaign Issue: 'Make Straws Great Again'


The president's reelection campaign is now selling reusable and recycled straws in their 2020 online store, because they claim "lberal paper straws don't work."

Rogue Weedkiller Vapors Are Threatening Soybean Science


Scientists at four leading universities have seen their soybean experiments injured by a stealthy vandal: drifting fumes from a weedkiller called dicamba, now popular among farmers.

Refinery Explosions Raise New Warnings About Deadly Chemical


Chemical experts say recent refinery explosions could have been far more devastating if deadly hydrogen fluoride was released. Some are calling for a ban on the chemical.

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5 Years After Carlton Complex, North Central Washington Rebuilds

Five years after the single largest fire in Washington’s history, people are continuing to rebuild. They’re making their communities safer for the next time a wildfire burns into town.

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The Water Crisis In Chennai, India: Who's To Blame And How Do You Fix It?

Reservoirs are dry in India's sixth biggest city. Municipal taps work only a few hours a day. Trains are delivering emergency water supplies.

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Our Taste For Turtle Soup Nearly Wiped Out Terrapins. Then Prohibition Saved Them

By the turn of the 20th century, America's love affair with Diamondback Terrapin soup — a subsistence food turned gourmet fare — had left the turtle's population teetering. Booze ban to the rescue.

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If We All Ate Enough Fruits And Vegetables, There'd Be Big Shortages

There's already not enough produce for everyone in the world to get the daily recommended amount. Two new studies urge revamping the food system to feed the growing population and protect the planet.

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Portland Mayor Urges Federal Support For Transit In Congressional Testimony

Portland mayor Ted Wheeler was one of five mayors invited to DC to speak before the Senate Democrats' Special Comittee on the Climate Crisis. 

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Florida's Corals Are Dying Off, But It's Not All Due To Climate Change, Study Says

A new study from the Florida Keys shows that a lot of the stress on corals comes from local sources, providing hope that community action can help save them.

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Scientists Desert USDA As Agency Relocates To Kansas City Area

The mandatory move imposed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture on most of the workers at two vital research agencies has been criticized as a "blatant attack on science."

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The Dawn Of Low-Carbon Shipping

The shipping industry is starting to move away from pollutant-intensive heavy fuel oil. Scientists and private companies are betting on a clean replacement technology: hydrogen fuel cells.

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Drizzly Summer Weather Is Helping Prevent Oregon Wildfires

More typical summer weather should be arriving late this week.

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Giant Shipper Bets Big On Ending Its Carbon Emissions. Will It Pay Off?

Maersk, the world's largest container shipping company, has set a massive goal for itself: going carbon-neutral by 2050. This would be good for the world. But how would it be good for the bottom line?

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