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Greta Thunberg To U.S.: 'You Have A Moral Responsibility' On Climate Change


Greta Thunberg led a protest at the White House Friday. But she wasn't looking to go inside: "I don't want to meet with people who don't accept the science," the activist says.

A Fire Lookout On What's Lost In A Transition To Technology


The number of manned fire lookouts in the U.S. is dwindling, as technology is increasingly used to spot and monitor wildfires. But can technology replace a human watch?

Offshore Wind Energy Looks More Promising for Oregon


Falling costs have green energy advocates once again eyeing the waters of Oregon's South Coast as a site for possible offshore wind projects.

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Cowlitz County Affirms Methanol Plant Following Environmental Study

A proposed methanol plant in southwest Washington is one step closer to state approval. In a letter sent Wednesday, Cowlitz County affirmed its decision to grant shoreline permits to the project. 

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Trump Administration Finalizes Plan To Repeal Obama-era Water Protections

The Trump administration repealed the Waters of the United States rule Thursday in a two-step process that will now re-define which bodies of water will get federal protections.

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EPA Makes Rollback Of Clean Water Rules Official, Repealing 2015 Protections

The change ends an "egregious power grab," Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Andrew Wheeler says.

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Oregon Fire Restrictions Loosen As Cooler Weather Rolls In

Regions throughout Oregon are beginning to lift burn bans and loosen fire restrictions as the weather cools down.

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Eastern Oregon Minnow Removed From The Endangered Species List

The Foskett speckled dace is the third Oregon fish to be removed from the endangered species list.

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Hunting And Fishing To Expand On 77 National Wildlife Refuges

In an effort to increase recreational access on public lands, the Trump administration is expanding new hunting and fishing opportunities on more than 1.4 million acres nationwide.

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Washington Ranchers Push To Create Fire Fighting Teams In 'No Man's Lands'

There are no agencies assigned to fight fires on certain stretches of Washington rangeland. Ranchers want to form their own firefighting teams – something already happening in Oregon and Idaho.

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Getting Aid To Bahamas Is A Logistical Nightmare As Support Systems 'Do Not Exist'

"Anywhere we could put a warehouse has been destroyed by floodwaters and may not be safe for storing supplies," one aid group says of the widespread destruction brought by Hurricane Dorian.

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EPA Chief Pledges To Severely Cut Back On Animal Testing Of Chemicals

Alternative tests are emerging, the agency says, such as computer modeling and tissue studies of cells grown in the lab. Environmental advocates say the move is too quick, and disregards human health.

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Biologists To Begin Tracking, Studying Pronghorn Antelope In Oregon

Oregon biologists are capturing 155 pronghorn antelope in southeastern Oregon this month. GPS transmitters will help them identify migration patterns and winter range.

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