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PHOTOS: The Amazon Rainforest, Ablaze In Brazil


There have been 74,155 fires in Brazil so far this year, mostly in the Amazon, and about half of which have ignited in just the past month. Some international leaders are raising the alarm.

Environmental Scrutiny Could Be Reduced For Projects On Public Forests


The new rules would streamline the approval process for forest projects that are "essentially similar" to others that have already been analyzed under federal environmental law.

Activists Push Democrats On Climate Change, A New Priority For Party's Base


The Sunrise Movement is holding rallies and registering voters, aiming to boost turnout among young voters. For the first time, polls show climate change is a top priority for the party's base.

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Mines No Safer Despite $1 Billion In Fines, Federal Audit Says

A Labor Department audit found no correlation between the federal system that fines mining companies for unsafe conditions and safety in mining operations.

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Many Of The West's Estuaries Have Vanished: Here's Why That Matters

More than 85% of the West Coast's estuary habitat has vanished since white settlers first arrived. What little remains is under threat from sea level rise.

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More U.S. Towns Are Feeling The Pinch As Recycling Becomes Costlier

The U.S. recycling industry is facing a quandary: Too much of the plastic we use can't be recycled, and taxpayers increasingly are on the hook for paying for all that trash to hit the landfills.

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Tens Of Thousands Of Fires Ravage Brazilian Amazon, Where Deforestation Has Spiked

Researchers say there's been a huge rise in the number of fires compared to last year. That's likely linked with a similar leap in deforestation since President Jair Bolsonaro took office.

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U.S. Recycling Industry Is Struggling To Figure Out A Future Without China

China is no longer taking the world's waste. The U.S. recycling industry is overwhelmed — it can't keep up with the plastic being churned out. This doesn't bode well for our plastic waste problem.

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Climate Change Activists Push On With Lawsuit Claiming Constitutional 'Right To Wilderness'

Groups are moving ahead with their legal case that claims a constitutional right to wilderness. A Portland judge rejected its arguments last month, but the group is appealing.

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The End Is Nigh For FogCam, Billed As The Internet's Oldest Running Webcam

The webcam has been in operation at San Francisco State University since 1994. Now, its creators say they plan to sunset the Internet landmark by the end of the month.

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Notre Dame Repair Crews Are Back To Work, But Paris' Lead Concerns Remain

Environmental and labor groups complain the cleanup should have begun sooner and are concerned about health risks in Paris.

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How To Handle A Massive Seaweed Invasion? Yucatán Towns Get Creative

Sargassum, a stinky algae, is choking beaches in Mexico and the Caribbean and wreaking havoc on the ecosystem — and tourism. From fertilizer to food, locals are experimenting with new uses for it.

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Unanswered Questions Leave Californians Worried About Fire Season

Warm temperatures have Californians again bracing for wildfires. But to better prepare, the residents of Ventura say they need a clearer picture of what went wrong in the destructive 2017 Thomas Fire.

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