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Protesters Take Over Oregon Governor's Office Over Jordan Cove Project


About 75 people occupied Oregon Gov. Kate Brown's office for much of Thursday afternoon and evening. They want her to oppose the Jordan Cove natural gas pipeline and terminal. 

'Maybe It Will Destroy Everything': Pakistan's Melting Glaciers Cause Alarm


Pollution and global warming are causing glaciers to melt and form unstable lakes in the north of the country. NPR visits a valley where farms were destroyed by glacial floods.

Wine Moguls Destroy Land And Pay Small Fines As Cost Of Business, Say Activists


In California, fines are being levied against winemakers who violate environmental laws, but activists say they are a drop in the bucket compared to the damage.

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Portland City Council Moves Toward Readopting Fossil Fuel Restrictions

On Wednesday, the Portland City Council moved a step closer to reapproving its 2016 ordinance banning the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure.

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Controversial Bobcat Killing Prompts 'Fact-Finding' Hearing In Salem

The blunt-force killing of a juvenile bobcat last month after it entered a Eugene school prompted enough controversy to trigger a legislative hearing Wednesday at the Capitol in Salem.

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Linn County Jury: Oregon Breached Contract With Counties By Limiting State Forest Logging

A Linn County jury ruled Wednesday that the state of Oregon breached its contract with timber counties west of the Cascades by failing to generate sufficient revenue through logging on state forests. 

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Oregon Lawyers In $1.4 Billion Timber Lawsuit Make Their Final Case To Jury

Lawyers gave their closing arguments Tuesday in a trial that could influence how Oregon state forests are managed going forward.

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Southern Oregon Rancher Builds Fences And Bridges To Keep The Wolves At Bay

A rancher is trying something new to keep the wolves away — something never before attempted in Oregon. And he’s doing it with the help of some unlikely partners.

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Federal Court: Klamath Basin Tribal Water Rights Outrank Farmers' Rights

A federal appeals court has found that the water rights of Klamath Basin tribes take priority over those of farmers who sued the federal government in 2001 for reducing their irrigation water supply after a dry year.

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Latino Nonprofit Receives $400,000 Grant To Help Farmers Of Color

Nonprofit organization Adelante Mujeres has received a $400,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to help support, educate and empower farmers of color.

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Lawmakers Converge In Salem — And Climate Activists Are Waiting

Legislators meeting for committee hearings Monday faced renewed pressure to regulate greenhouse gases next year.


Studying The Ripple Effects Of Shrinking Arctic Sea Ice

Scientists have frozen their ship to an ice floe to study the causes and consequences of diminishing Arctic ice, in the hopes of improving how the Arctic is represented in climate models.

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Amazon Rainforest Sees Biggest Spike In Deforestation In Over A Decade

Not since 2008 has the Amazon been destroyed at a faster rate, according to Brazilian authorities. They say an area more than 12 times the size of New York City was deforested in the span of a year.

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