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Oregon Field Guide Favorite Places 2017


“Hey, what’s your favorite place in Oregon?” That’s probably the most frequently asked question we hear on our travels while working for "Oregon Field Guide."

Protesters of Natural Gas Plant at the Port of Tacoma Acquitted


On Thursday, two activists were acquitted of felony charges for protesting a liquefied natural gas plant currently under construction at the Port of Tacoma.

Officials 'Cautiously Optimistic' About Portland Harbor Clean Up After EPA Meeting


A high-ranking EPA official visited Portland to meet with state and local leaders interested in understanding what it means to have the Portland Harbor Superfund Site targeted for immediate attention.

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After Maria, Puerto Rico Struggles Under The Weight Of Its Own Garbage

Even before Maria hit, most of the island's landfills were filled beyond capacity and nearly half had EPA closure orders. The storm generated millions of cubic yards of waste and debris.

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Tug Escorts Needed If Columbia River Oil Tanker Traffic Increases

The risk of oil spills on the Columbia River is very low, a new study into vessel traffic and safety found, but more tethered tug escorts might be needed if marine terminals increase tanker traffic.

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Here Come The Penitent Penguins: The Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards Are Back

Penitent penguins. A seal aghast. A turbocharged wigeon, a vain gnu and a kickboxing kangaroo. We have the photos.

NW Life | Environment | local | Politics | Music | News | 2017: The Year In Review

OPB's 2017 Photos Of The Year

A look back at some of the most transcending images from the biggest stories of the year.

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5 Most Important Environmental Issues Of 2017

From Paris to the White House to the wildlands of the Pacific Northwest, the environment was big news in 2017. 

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Arctic's Temperature Continues To Run Hot, Latest 'Report Card' Shows

The extreme warming trend continues, and scientists fear that floating sea ice will be gone by mid-century. That will have extraordinary effects closer to home.

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Washington Updates Rules Protecting Farmworkers From Pesticides

The Environmental Protection Agency released rules a couple years back that increased protections for farmworkers. It’s up to states to adopt standards that are at least as protective.

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Magnitude 3.9 Earthquake Strikes Near Molalla, Felt In Portland

A 3.9 magnitude earthquake hit near Molalla, Oregon, about 30 miles south of Portland on Wednesday evening.

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Frogs, Fish And Farmers Feel Out Compromise On Deschutes River

With Central Oregon’s booming population growth, water is an increasingly important resource. And on the Upper Deschutes River, scarce water has become a big problem for wildlife and river habitat.

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Big Changes Possible For Ecola State Park

As Ecola State Park braces for winter, some issues continue to haunt it, but changes intended to improve the park’s offerings are on the way.


Ocean Trash: What You Need To Know


Here’s what you need to know about the trash that’s piling up on Pacific Northwest beaches and around the world’s oceans.

Protecting Farmworkers From Pesticides By Sheltering Them Indoors Draws Skepticism


Proposed rules designed to protect Oregon farmworkers from pesticide exposure has both farmers and worker advocates on edge.

Wildlife Cameras Capture The Secret Lives Of Predators In The City


A researcher collects and studies tens of thousands of trail camera photos to better understand the wild predators living among us the Northwest's most urbanized place.

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