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Conservationists Worried About House Vote To End Gray Wolf Protection

Northwest Public Broadcasting

The U.S. House passed a bill that would end protections for gray wolves in the Lower 48 states. In the Northwest, that could mean protections fall to state agencies, which worries conservation groups.

New System To Limit Hiking In 3 Popular Oregon Wilderness Areas In 2020

Statesman Journal

The U.S. Forest Service announced a decision Thursday to install a permit system limiting the number of people in the Mount Jefferson, Three Sisters and Mount Washington Wilderness areas.  

Analysis Reveals Northwest Communities Most Threatened By Wildfire


A small number of Northwest communities have an outsized level of exposure to wildfire, according to data released by the Forest Service.  

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Study: NW Forests Will Weather Climate Change Better Than Others In The West

A new paper predicts substantial vulnerability to drought and wildfire over the next three decades.

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'It Will Be Years' Before Life At Tyndall Air Force Base Returns To Normal

Tyndall Air Force base, home to 11,000 airmen and their families, sustained catastrophic damage when Hurricane Michael came through earlier this month. Residents don't know if they will ever go back.

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Calif. Authorities Raise Wildfire Death Toll To 80, Lower Number Of Missing Persons

At least 80 people have died throughout California since the Camp Fire and Woolsey Fire broke out earlier this month. The official missing persons list spans 993 names.

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Otter Fans Float Plan To Return Sea Otters To The Oregon Coast

It's been more than a century since sea otters were hunted to near extinction along the U.S. West Coast. Now a new nonprofit has formed to try to bring them back to the Oregon Coast.

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Trump Blames Forest Management For Wildfires Again During California Visit

The president traveled to areas impacted by the fires in California, including the town of Paradise, which was virtually destroyed.

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Officials Hope New Oregon Air Pollution Rules Will Close Regulatory Gaps

Oregon polluters will be subject to limits on the total health risk they can impose on the people who live and work near their facilities.

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Camp Fire Missing-Persons List Grows To More Than 300 Names

At least 56 people have died in the Camp Fire, which has destroyed entire neighborhoods and continues to burn. Meanwhile, Butte County says about 300 people are missing.

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Houston Got Hammered By Hurricane Harvey — And Its Buildings Are Partly To Blame

The city itself — skyscrapers, homes and factories — snagged the moist air of Hurricane Harvey and caused more rain to fall. Two new studies detail how humans are making hurricane flooding worse.

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Study Finds Kalama Methanol Plant Would Reduce Global Carbon Emissions

A new study finds a controversial fossil fuel refinery proposed in Southwest Washington would actually reduce global carbon emissions.

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2 Electric Utilities Reported Problems Minutes Before Deadly Wildfires Began

Both Pacific Gas & Electric and Southern California Edison had warned customers that the companies might need to shut off power because of heightened fire risks.


We're Putting More Homes On Wild Lands And In The Path Of Wildfires


For people living in the “wildland-urban interface,” wildfire risk is the new normal, and the risk is increasing as more people move into places where cul-de-sac meets forest or sagebrush. 

These Bridges And Tunnels Save Animals' Lives — And Prevent Car Wrecks


If you’ve ever slammed on your brakes for a deer in the road, you know the heart-pumping feeling of a near miss. Northwest drivers are getting help navigating without putting wildlife at risk.

Oregon May Be Over-Hunting Cougars — Which Could Cause More Conflicts


A hiker's death led to calls for a cougar cull. But a growing body of research suggests that aggressive killing can lead to more problem encounters with humans, not less.

Portland Lab Creates Paper Replacements For Plastic Packaging


Swedish paper company BillerudKorsnäs tests out alternatives to plastic packaging at its design lab in Portland.

Snorkeling With The Salmon In A Northern California River


Volunteers snorkel the entire Salmon River every year to count every single spring chinook salmon in the name of science.

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