Listen to the debut album from Portlander Andy McFarlane’s thoughtful rock project, Far Lands, exclusively at opbmusic.

Oh, What an Honor/Oh, What a Drag by Far Lands

Oh, What an Honor/Oh, What a Drag by Far Lands

Album art by Frank Theophani Callozzo

For more than a decade, Cincinnati native Andy McFarlane has quietly written songs. Seminal life events — the move westward to his current home in Oregon, the birth of his daughters, the death of his parents — were all scribbled down, but never fully realized and recorded until recently when he founded Far Lands along with Paul Pulvirenti (Elliott Smith, Eyelids), Matt Drenik (Battleme) and Ivan Howard (The Rosebuds, Howard Ivans). With their helpful nudge, McFarlane quickly fleshed out the tracks that would make up the band’s debut album, “Oh, What an Honor / Oh, What a Drag.”

The finished product is a delicate and reflective collection of shoegazey rock songs and ballads in the vein of Grandaddy and Yo La Tengo that grows more likable with each listen. “Oh, What an Honor / Oh, What a Drag” is out today via Get Loud / Burnside records, and you can hear the full thing right now at opbmusic below.

Far Lands play an album release show in Portland on Nov. 30 at Bunk Bar along with Howard Ivans.