Methods Body is the new project from Portland’s Luke Wyland and John Niekrasz, whose compositions feature polyrhythms dancing around microtonal spatters of keys.

If it sounds a bit like industrial music, it also sounds like chemistry. As Wyland and Niekrasz told us, “This is music meant to mirror the processes of thought. The sounds of neurons firing and synaptic receptivity. It contains some almost telepathic musical interplay. Drums and keys become mechanical voices making gestural utterances that erupt and tumble about before settling into meaning.”

The video is by Brenna Murphy of the transmedia art duo MSHR. Murphy says the video “maps the mental landscapes that grew from my repeated listening of the track. I wanted to reflect a feeling of twilight when form and texture merge. My approach combined fluid intuition with algorithmic procedure to sculpt a visual pathway through the sonic space.”

The new album “Methods Body” is a suite of nine compositions, in two halves: “Quiet” and “Claimed Events.” It’ll be released on May 22nd on New Amsterdam Records, and vinyl via Beacon Sound, or by pre-order on Bandcamp.