Ural Thomas and The Pain

Ural Thomas and The Pain

Courtesy of the artist

Each week, the Monday Mix features three new songs debuting on the opbmusic broadcast.

 Rubblebucket - “Annihilation Song”

In late August, Brooklyn indie dance-pop band Rubblebucket (Kalmia Traver and Alex Toth) released their latest album, “Sun Machine.” The track, “Annihilation Song,” is particularly striking, with the juxtaposition of desperate sadness atop the lighthearted and danceable beat, making each chorus all the more poignant. Especially in light of the duo’s recent “conscious uncoupling” after an 11-year relationship that saw them grapple with Traver’s cancer diagnosis and Toth’s struggle with alcoholism and path to sobriety. It’s a track rife with vulnerability, with each person’s truth squarely on display. Catch them November 10 at the Wonder Ballroom in Portland.

Mimicking Birds - “On the Warm Side”

Following their January 2018 release of the album, “Layers of Us,” Portland band Mimicking Birds shared two new singles: “On the Warm Side” and “Hi Low.” “On the Warm Side” is a dreamlike track apt to put the listener in a trance, though a close listener will be rewarded with a wealth of lyrical content to enjoy and analyze. Their “Layers of Us” tour will take them to the Brickroom in Ashland, Oregon on September 28.

 Ural Thomas and the Pain - “Slow Down”

Described as “a developing artist at nearly eighty years old,” Portland mainstay Ural Thomas is set to release an LP that is more akin to a debut than you might expect — considering he’s released several singles and performed with the likes of James Brown, Stevie Wonder and Otis Redding throughout his career. His upcoming LP, consciously titled “The Right Time,” brings together a long list of heavy hitters from around Portland. It gives Thomas the backing to let his creativity flow, along with his velvety vocal that oscillates easily from a shout to a croon. He’s certainly taking the time to revel in his own musical renaissance, saying in “Slow Down”: “You know we worked hard on this LP,/ sometimes we was going pretty fast./I had to turn around and holler ‘hey Steve’ slow down man,/ let’s make this last.” You can pre-order “The Right Time” set to release via Tender Loving Empire on September 28 here.