One of the best new bands to land in our ears this year is Ashland-based quintet Slow Corpse. Recently signed to Portland label Tender Loving Empire, their knack for woozy lyrics over a slowed down backbeat are on display in new song “Run It,” while the video (directed by Noah Porter) starts with the band skateboarding down a suburban street and ends with a masked ritual around a bonfire.

Frontman Mitchell Winters says the video grew out of a meeting of strangers.

“We had no idea what to expect when making this video. All I knew is that the label was sending a filmmaker to live on my floor for a couple of days and that we were going to shoot a music video of some sort. The filmmaker, Noah, ended up being amazing, and a friendship was born out of this 4-day fever dream of a music video shoot. We ate together, slept in the same room, and a camaraderie grew out of what would have been a wildly stressful weekend of music, parties, and Craigslist tai chi instructors.”

Slow Corpse plays at Doug Fir Lounge on Thursday April 26. Their new album, “Fables,” will be released May 4.