Matt Drenik likes to keep himself occupied.

In recent years, the Portland-based songwriter scored much of the soundtrack to the long-running FX drama “Sons Of Anarchy,” steadily contributed interviews and stories to OPB and released a half dozen albums with his rock band Battleme.

Apparently, that wasn’t enough.

Last year, Drenik opened Get Loud, a recording studio and label based in the Hollywood neighborhood of Northeast Portland. Initially, Drenik produced albums for friends and clients. Then, he started joining their bands (Far Lands). And eventually — you knew where this was headed — he found himself recording solo material under the stage name Matt Vondy.

The first song released under the Matt Vondy moniker is “All With You,” which you can hear exclusively at opbmusic. A haunting piano ballad with a heavy dose of “Revolver”-era Beatles guitar, the track is a surprising, but welcome, departure for Drenik who chews up the empty space he doesn’t always find in Battleme.

Thursday, Aug. 24, at Doug Fir Lounge in Portland, Get Loud Presents Party Time (featuring members of Red Fang), Danny Dodge and The Dodge Gang, Battleme, Far Lands, Howard Ivans, Dana Buoy, Natron, and Felix Rose.