As Portland band Alialujah Choir‘s core trio of Adam Selzer, Adam Shearer, and Alia Farah tells it, they started the group with several rules. Among them: that the band would always be about songs with the harmony parts they loved to sing, and that’d it’d always be the three of them. While they eventually broke the second part of that (adding bassist Luke Ydstie, drummer Brian Wright, and dulcimer player/vocalist Katie Claborn), the basic premise of the band remains the same: it’s about the singing.  Their sophomore release Big Picture Show shows off what they do best with arrangements that swell and subside around gorgeous melodies and close harmonies.  They recently opened for Neko Case on several West Coast dates, and they landed a slot at this year’s Music Fest Northwest, opening for Beirut on Saturday, August 22nd.

Watch the performance above, and stream/download mp3s of the songs below.


Audio recording and mixes: Steven Kray with Randy Layton and William Ward
Video editor: Brendan Jones
Videographers: Jarratt Taylor, Sam Smith, Jennifer Sowell
Photos: Gerard O’Sullivan
Executive Producer: David Christensen