Seattle band Pickwick will release “LoveJoys” July 7. It’s the follow-up to one of 2013’s best surprises, their gritty and soulful debut, “Can’t Talk Medicine.”

That release and their dynamic live shows brought them to a wider national audience, but recording the follow-up initially proved challenging. One batch of songs was written and discarded, and they lost one of their founding members in the process.

In 2016 Pickwick regrouped and in a three-month period wrote the new music on “LoveJoys.” Within that same time span, Prince died, and the band credits Prince as an inspiration for the record’s cleaner guitar lines, and slinkier dance grooves.

Pickwick plays June 24 at Doug Fir Lounge in Portland.

Watch the band’s performance in the VuHaus player above, and hear them talk about Prince, Lou Reed and other inspirations, in our interview below.


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