When Portland band The Helio Sequence played opbmusic’s 10th anniversary concert last month at the Crystal Ballroom, the powerhouse duo of Brandon Summers and Benjamin Weikel weren’t only marking 10 years of opbmusic, but also 10 years of their breakthrough recording “Keep Your Eyes Ahead.” That album featured a number of songs with real staying power, including indie rock stalwarts “Hallelujah” and “Can’t Say No” in addition to the title song.

For their live set March 23, the band opened with songs from their two more recent albums, “Negotiations” (2012) and “The Helio Sequence” (2015), but then moved into a full live performance of all the songs from “Keep Your Eyes Ahead,” which sound like we’ll still be nodding our head to them in another 10 years.

Look for more videos from our Anniversary Concert, with Kelli Schaefer and Natasha Kmeto, later this month.


Audio recording and mixes: Steven Kray
Recording assistance: Hakeem Hasworth
Editor: Jarratt Taylor
Videographers: Jarratt Taylor, Nate Sjol, Andrew Barrick, Alex Crowson
Executive Producer: David Christensen