This secret Portland warehouse holds over 20,000 pieces of art

There is a secret warehouse in Northwest Portland with over 20,000 pieces of art. It includes world class work by renowned figures like Richard Diebenkorn, Helen Frankenthaler, and one of the world’s largest collections of work by Andy Warhol. These pieces circulate regularly around the country, shipping out full shows to dozens of museums each year, all without any rental fee.

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The future looks A-OK for the Old OK, a century-old theater in Enterprise, Oregon

If Darrell and Christi Brann’s dreams come true, Enterprise, Oregon, could be the coolest live music venue and recording destination west of the Colorado Rockies. The couple has been busy restoring the town's century-old gem, the old OK Theatre, bringing music to, as Darrell Brann says, "this beautiful place in the middle of nowhere."


John Hasegawa uses pottery to explore Asian American identity

John Hasegawa is a Japanese American ceramics artist and educator who explores his Asian and American identities by combining traditional Japanese textile patterns with American objects like coffee mugs. A native of Seattle, Washington, Hasegawa's most prominent art pieces are two tile pieces for the Ireichō project, a large book that documents the names of all Japanese Americans incarcerated during WWII.

Oregon Zoo radiographs reveal hauntingly beautiful skeletons

The Oregon Zoo uses radiographs to monitor the health of their over 2,000 animals. But these X-ray images are more than just diagnostic tools — they’re a beautiful view of these elaborate animal skeletons. “For me,” says Director of Animal Health Carlos Sanchez, “it’s just like looking at a piece of art.”

Portland artist Eatcho wants you to make discoveries in the details

Mehran Heard’s work is so rich with detail, it invites you in for a deep exploration. He creates elaborate paintings, illustrations, comics and colorful murals all around Portland. “You're going to have to look at that work and move around it and discover things on your own. And once you come to that personal discovery, you kind of own it personally.” Mehran’s recent piece “Mothers” is featured in the Portland Art Museum exhibition Black Artists of Oregon.

Oregon painter Josh Gates captures communities on canvas

Visual artist Josh Gates paints moody, rainy landscapes of some of Portland's most popular and least well-known landmarks. His work beautifully captures the intimate characteristics of a particular neighborhood where people very much recognize their community.


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