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Yer Za Vue brings magic to both screen and canvas

Yer Za Vue’s journey is made for the movies. An award-winning painter and respected teacher, the artist began her life in a Laotian village, eventually landing her dream job at Disney Feature Animation Studio in Florida, bringing to life some of the studio's most beloved characters.


Father, son duo make sign painting a family business

Studio Signs Co. is a family-run business that has created some of Portland's most memorable signs, including those for McMenamin's. The current owner, Nick Lee, took over the company after his father, Melvin, company's previous owner, retired. For Nick, it's a great opportunity to create long-lasting and meaningful art, while building upon the company's deep history and legacy.

White Lotus showcases artistry and significance behind Chinese lion dance

White Lotus Dragon & Lion Dance is one of Portland's most popular Chinese lion dance teams. Founder Nhan Danh and his team spent years wowing crowds with their stunning lion dancing acrobatics and family-friendly crowd interactions. Through lion dance, Danh connects with his Asian American roots and passes along his wisdom to a younger generation of Asian Americans. Though the past year saw the team cancel many of their performances due to the pandemic, Danh is hopeful that the new year will bring new opportunities to push White Lotus forward as cultural ambassadors in Portland's Asian American community.

Betty LaDuke reflects on 8 decades of activist art

Ashland’s Betty LaDuke is one of Oregon’s most internationally recognized artists. She's been traveling the world for over 60 year, sketching and painting, telling the stories of people linked to land and community.


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