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A remembrance and celebration of Oregon artists who died in 2021

It is with sadness but also a deep appreciation of their work that we remember artists who died in 2021. All of us on Oregon Art Beat are honored that these artists shared their stories with us. We celebrate their indelible contributions to the arts and culture landscape of Oregon.

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Jesus Torralba explores his Indigenous background in wildly colorful murals

Jesus Torralba has been painting since he was a child, when friends introduced him to the art of graffiti. Today his colorful commissioned murals can be seen throughout Portland, each capped with his “Heysus” signature. Torralba’s designs draw on his indigenous roots in Oaxaca, and on his love of cartoons, creating a distinctive style.

From skateboards to roller derby, Portland zine works for equity on wheels

Amelia Bjesse-Puffin was tired of the oppression she was seeing in the world of skating. So, two years ago she launched Smash the Skatriarchy, a submission-focused zine that aims to lower barriers to skating. For her latest issue, she met up with Indigenous roller derby stars for a day of skating, interviews and photos sessions. These Indigenous skaters are working to decolonize the world of derby — a mission that Bjesse-Puffin wants to elevate in her zine.

Tom Hausken’s paintings explore edges of the unknown

Ashland painter Tom Hausken explores time and place in his exacting abstract paintings. His work often features 20 or more layers of paint, some sections almost completely buried. But by scraping and carving into the paint, Hausken allows viewers to look back in time, glimpsing his process and decisions.

The powerful paintings of Otis Kwame Kye Quaicoe

Otis Kwame Kye Quaicoe moved to Portland from Ghana in 2017. His years of rigorous study and disciplined studio practice have recently paid off: Last year he landed a high-profile solo show at Roberts Projects in Los Angeles.


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