Portland artist Eatcho wants you to make discoveries in the details

Mehran Heard’s work is so rich with detail, it invites you in for a deep exploration. He creates elaborate paintings, illustrations, comics and colorful murals all around Portland. “You're going to have to look at that work and move around it and discover things on your own. And once you come to that personal discovery, you kind of own it personally.” Mehran’s recent piece “Mothers” is featured in the Portland Art Museum exhibition Black Artists of Oregon.

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Oregon painter Josh Gates captures communities on canvas

Visual artist Josh Gates paints moody, rainy landscapes of some of Portland's most popular and least well-known landmarks. His work beautifully captures the intimate characteristics of a particular neighborhood where people very much recognize their community.


Faded ‘ghost signs’ given new life in Astoria

Portland artist Craig Winslow uses projected light to temporarily resurrect dozens of “ghost signs,” the faded ads painted on the sides of historic buildings. With high-end graphic skills and intricate projection mapping, Craig’s beautiful illuminations pay homage to a bygone craft. Now he’s working to restore a ghost sign with a permanent light installation, visible every night in Astoria’s historic district.

Love leads to monumental artworks for Vancouver, Washington, metal sculptors

Husband-and-wife Jennifer Corio and Dave Frei worked in the high-tech world of Hewlett-Packard. Love and a smile brought the two together. But it was love of the arts that took them out of the office and into the world of public art. Corio and Frei recently sat down with "Oregon Art Beat" to share their journey.


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