Class Of 2025: Follow Students From 1St Grade To Graduation

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Listen now: OPB’s ‘Class Of 2025’ Podcast

"Class of 2025," an in-depth look at the challenges facing public schools today, explored through the lives of the students themselves.

Raiden is one of 27 students OPB is following in the Class of 2025 project. He started at Earl Boyles Elementary School, before transferring to Cherry Park Elementary (pictured here in the third grade).

Class Of 2025: The Homework Question

As the Class of 2025 enters fourth grade, we compare what kinds of homework students were accustomed to getting as third graders. It's a different answer, at different schools.

Jason does a reading exercise during class in late April. Jason and his third-grade classmates took state assessments for the first time this year.

Class Of 2025: 3rd Grade = Testing

OPB has been following students in the Class of 2025 since they were kindergarteners. Now they're in third grade and that means taking state tests for the first time.