Class Of 2025: Follow Students From 1St Grade To Graduation

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Vivianna is a seventh-grader at Ron Russell and a member of OPB's Class of 2025 project. She plays saxophone in the school band.

Music Provides Place To Belong In Middle School

The music program in east Portland's David Douglas School District, where most of the students in OPB's Class of 2025 attend school, provides opportunities for students despite family income.


Azaysha looks at ribbons pinned to the wall of her room in Portland, Ore., Wednesday, May 22, 2019. Azaysha's wall includes photos of her family, a drawing a friend made of her, photos of her favorite band, and her first report card with letter grades.

Class Of 2025: Middle School Vs. K-8

Most of the students in OPB's class of 2025 are at a middle school. But some are still in the same building as younger kids as Oregon's largest school district makes the move toward a middle school model.

Class Of 2025: Fun With STEAM

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. It translates as creative fun for the Class of 2025.

Shelby follows along in class at Earl Boyles Elementary School in Portland. Shelby is one of many students who struggles with dyslexia, something Oregon lawmakers are targeting.

'I Felt I Just Wasn’t As Smart As Everybody Else'

States have increased their focus in recent years on disorders that can interfere with academic success, like dyslexia. Meet "Class of 2025" student Shelby as she tries to become a better reader.