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Collin O'Coyne has been a manager at Cornucopia Restaurant in Eugene for 2 years. He is one of four out of 45 employees who gets one week of paid time off per year. He estimates the restaurant would have to raise its prices about $2 per plate in order to offer paid sick time to all of its employees.

Represented: Paid Sick Time

In this installment of our "Represented" series, we hear from residents of Eugene about what a statewide paid sick leave policy would mean for them.

Emma Funk is a barista in a Forest Grove coffee shop. She says she makes ends meet just fine working at $10/hour, near Oregon's minimum wage. She says she lives within her means, has roommates and doesn't overspend. She says $15/hour sounds high, and thinks the federal minimum wage is a good standard.

Represented: Oregon's Minimum Wage

In this installment of our "Represented" series, we gathered in the East Portland neighborhood of Rosewood to talk with workers, business owners and others about raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

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