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'The Poky Little Puppy' And His Fellow Little Golden Books Are Turning 75

NPR | Feb. 25, 2017

Sold in supermarkets for just 25 cents, these inexpensive picture books with cheerful illustrations and golden spines were designed to democratize the children's book market.

'Dear Friend' Is An Fraught And Unusual Memoir

NPR | Feb. 25, 2017

Yiyun Li's first book of nonfiction is an unusual memoir one that examines her depression and suicidal thoughts by drifting through her memories and thoughts on literature.

Spread The Word: Butter Has An Epic Backstory

NPR | Feb. 24, 2017

alt hed: As The World Churns: An Epic History Of Butter

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'A Horse Walks Into A Bar,' And A Bad Comedy Set Proves Revelatory

NPR | Feb. 23, 2017 7 a.m.

David Grossman's unsettling new novel takes place over the course of a two-hour comedy set, as what seems like just a bad performance evolves into something truly strange, painful and urgent.

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This Trip Through 'The Alps' Is A Little Bit Bumpy

NPR | Feb. 23, 2017 4 a.m.

Stephen O'Shea's quirky travelogue is packed with facts and history, but it's marred by a few odd choices for example, why visit the famed skiing town of Val d'Isre at the height of summer?

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Adolescence Isn't The Only Horror In 'The Mercy Of The Tide'

NPR | Feb. 22, 2017 4 a.m.

Zinemaker and designer Keith Rosson's debut novel is set in a small Oregon town in the 1980s, where the rain pours down, jellyfish rot on the beach ��� and a strange supernatural force is on the move.

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The Circus Is A Glittering Wartime Refuge In 'The Orphan's Tale'

NPR | Feb. 21, 2017 1:01 p.m.

Pam Jenoff's new novel follows two women who sign on with a German traveling circus — and the Jewish baby they're both determined to protect as the darkness of World War II falls across Europe.

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'Shining City' Is Packed With Timely Thrills

NPR | Feb. 18, 2017 7:47 a.m.

Tom Rosenstiel — head of the American Press Institute — has written a novel about a political fixer who gets the biggest job of his career: Sanitizing a controversial Supreme Court nominee.

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Letting Go Is The Hardest Thing For 'Lincoln In The Bardo'

NPR | Feb. 18, 2017 4 a.m.

George Saunders — master of the short story — debuts as a novelist with this strange, haunting (and haunted) tale of President Lincoln as he grieves the death of his young son Willie.

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Dick Bruna, Artist And Author Of The Intricately Simple Miffy, Dies At 89

NPR | Feb. 17, 2017 2:07 p.m.

The Dutch illustrator and children's book author wrote over 120 books and sold some 85 million copies worldwide. But no character earned him greater acclaim than a simple white rabbit.

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WATCH: Is This Proust? Scholars Say They've Finally Found Author On Film

NPR | Feb. 17, 2017 7:06 a.m.

The French novelist Marcel Proust is regularly listed among the greatest writers of the 20th century. But how did the man move? A professor says the answer is on a wedding film over 110 years old.

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Peter S. Beagle Finds Magic In 'Calabria'

NPR | Feb. 16, 2017 4 a.m.

Beagle has spent his career writing about unicorns — and he returns to that enclosed garden with In Calabria, the tale of a grouchy farmer who finds a pregnant unicorn investigating his fields.


Author Philip Pullman Announces A Follow-Up Trilogy To 'His Dark Materials'

NPR | Feb. 15, 2017 9:32 p.m.

The British author talked to NPR about The Book of Dust, his return to the world of Lyra Belacqua and armored bears, the first volume of which will be published in October.