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Some Eastern Oregon Farms Run Out Of Water

OPB | July 29, 2015 1:40 p.m. | Vale, Oregon

Eastern Oregon farmers said they knew going into the summer that water would be limited.

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Irrigation-Free Camelina Crops Look Promising

Capital Press | July 27, 2015 9:05 a.m. | Ontario, Oregon

Camelina won’t make farmers much money, but the drought-resistant oilseed crop could help them cover some of the fixed costs they have on their land.

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Umatilla County Bans Ag Burning Following Emergency Meeting

East Oregonian | July 23, 2015 9:18 a.m. | Umatilla, Oregon

The ban also covers camp fires at the county-run Harris Park campsite. County counsel Doug Olsen said the board last took this action in 2012.

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Rural Leaders Wrangle With Cow Wreckage In Remote Cemeteries

OPB | July 10, 2015 3:33 p.m. | Riley, Oregon

You've heard of cow tipping. How about tombstone tipping?

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Legislature Funds Oregon's Fledgling Juniper Industry

OPB | July 8, 2015 11:55 a.m.

The Oregon Legislature passed two bills at the end of the session to help boost juniper harvest, HB 2997 and HB 2998. The bills provide funding to boost the state's fledgling juniper harvest industry.

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Troutdale Superfund Site Starts Phase 2 Improvements

OPB | July 6, 2015 midnight | Portland

An effort to turn one of Oregon’s largest wastelands into new industrial sites appears to be working.

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Oregon Senate Passes Community College Tuition Waiver Bill

OPB | July 2, 2015 3:42 p.m. | Salem, Oregon

Some Oregon students could qualify for tuition waivers at community colleges under a measure given overwhelming bipartisan support by senators.

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Deschutes County Agrees To Swap Land With State

AP | June 17, 2015 11:11 a.m. | Bend, Oregon

A central Oregon county is getting about 140 acres south of its fair and expo center in a land swap with the state.

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Court Throws Out Timber Company Suit In BLM Logging Case

Oregon Coast Today | June 12, 2015 5:37 p.m. | Ashland, Oregon

The ruling says timber companies did not prove they had been harmed by lack of timber sales on O&C Lands in Western Oregon.

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Court Tosses Ruling Ordering BLM To Log More In Oregon

AP | June 12, 2015 1:54 p.m. | Grants Pass, Oregon

A federal appeals court has overturned a 2013 ruling that ordered the U.S. Bureau of Land Management to sell more timber in southern Oregon.