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House Lawmakers Support Removing Wolf From Endangered List

AP | Feb. 09, 2016

Oregon lawmakers have come a step closer to upholding the state's controversial decision late last year to remove the gray wolf from its endangered species list.

Data Breach Affects 91,000 Washington State Medicaid Clients

AP | Feb. 09, 2016

The information includes Social Security numbers, dates of birth, Apple Health client ID numbers and private health information.

With Bar Complaints Filed, Lawyers Explain Bundy Approach

OPB | Feb. 08, 2016

In response to a story reported by OPB, the Oregon State Bar has received two complaints about the actions of Ammon Bundy’s attorneys.

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Cliven Bundy May Be Coming To Burns, Portland

OPB | Feb. 8, 2016 2:14 p.m.

Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy may be coming to Oregon to protest the arrest of his sons.

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Turnbull Wildlife Refuge Reopens

AP | Feb. 8, 2016 10:25 a.m. | Cheney, Washington

The Turnbull website says it closed last weekend out of an abundance of caution for the wellbeing of staff and visitors.

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What You Should Know Before Entering Valhalla

OPB | Feb. 8, 2016 9:15 a.m.

Before you go off to explore Valhalla, with a half-full water bottle and a handful trail mix, keep this in mind: This amazing destination is very dangerous.

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Think It Rained A Lot This Winter? The Flood Of 1996 Begs To Differ

OPB | Feb. 8, 2016 9:05 a.m. | Portland

Researchers say the 1996 flood taught lessons on everything from hydrology to urban planning.

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Oregon Refuge Occupation Enters Day 38: 6 Things To Know

OPB | Feb. 8, 2016 5 a.m.

In a video posted by David Fry Sunday afternoon, the militant hinted that the remaining occupiers might be running low on supplies inside the refuge.

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Seaside Police Officer Fatally Shot

AP | Feb. 7, 2016 10:37 a.m. | Seaside, Oregon

A police officer in Seaside, Oregon, was fatally shot as he was serving an arrest warrant Friday night, authorities said.

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NW Tribes Seek To Restore Columbia River Salmon Runs

AP | Feb. 7, 2016 9:15 a.m. | Spokane, Washington

For decades, Northwest tribes were told it would be too expensive to try and restore salmon runs ruined by dams along the Columbia River. But new technology has raised hopes among tribal members.

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Supporters Memorialize LaVoy Finicum, Seek Unifying Message

OPB | Feb. 6, 2016 6:22 p.m. | Burns, Oregon

Many, including supporters of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge occupation, have invoked LaVoy Finicum's killing as a reason to continue a movement. But it's unclear what that movement has become.

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Police Add Warning To Refuge Roadblock

OPB | Feb. 6, 2016 8:20 a.m. | Burns, Oregon

Oregon State Police have added a large lighted sign to clearly warn of consequences for approaching the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

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The Week In Photos: Sinkholes, Protesters, 'Clowning'

OPB | Feb. 5, 2016 4:03 p.m.

OPB brings you a selection of photos from a week's worth of news stories and features.


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