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Oregon Prison Sagebrush Project On Oregon Field Guide

In 2010 we looked at an innovative project in Washington state focusing on sustainability programs in prison. In the years since, it has expanded and currently in Oregon, inmates at the Snake River Correctional Institution are growing and transplanting specially selected sagebrush seeds near Vale. We'll follow their story.


For 28 years, Oregon Field Guide has been OPB’s weekly TV news magazine exploring the ecological issues, natural wonders and outdoor recreation of the Northwest.

Join us this week on Oregon Field Guide! 

We follow prisoners at the Snake River Correctional Institution as they grow and transplant specially selected sagebrush seeds to assist the BLM in future eastern Oregon restoration efforts, as well as engage prisoners in ecology-based education and work.

And the beauty and sounds of Oregon - a visual celebration from around the state - under the stars at Oregon's Star Party, at the great Steam Up in Brooks, Oregon, blooming gardens and frozen lakes!

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of retired Oregon Public Broadcasting journalist Jeff Douglas. Please visit Oregon Field Guide's Facebook for more information or read more on OPB News.

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