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Monday Mix: Aesop Rock, The Go! Team, Johanna Samuels

By Ray Gill, Jr. (OPB)
April 19, 2021 1 p.m.

Kickstart the week with three new songs hand-picked for your playlist.

Aesop Rock - “Long Legged Larry”


Fresh off the heels of releasing his “Spirit World Field Guide” LP, Aesop Rock has returned with a light-hearted single about a bearded bullfrog superhero recorded in celebration of World Frog Day (which does in fact exist). The rapper’s use of the classic 1980s story-telling rap style is utterly flawless here. He described Larry the frog in a press release as an “altruistic and well-abled frog, who hops from place to place looking to help ease folks’ troubles.” The story is brilliantly depicted in a stop-motion music video made in collaboration with artist and animator Jeremy Fish.

The Go! Team - “World Remember Me Now”

The Go! Team are set to release their sixth studio album this summer, an effort that includes this collaboration between the band’s lead singer Ninja and the Kansas City Girls Choir. The Go! Team songwriter, Ian Parton, said of the track “I’ve always been interested in people’s daily routines — what people do all day. It was written ages ago but has become strangely relevant to the world now. It’s easy to feel forgotten at the moment.” This spirited jam is a grab bag full of musical musical influences including a touch of steel drum which adds an exclamation point of rhythmic joy.

Johanna Samuels - “All is Fine”

“All Is Fine” is the third single from Johanna Samuels’ forthcoming album ‘Excelsior!’ which is due out on May 14. Juxtaposed with the song’s title, Samuels’ melancholy vocal style delivers a devastating emotional impact. “I felt a bit heartbroken by people not wanting to hear each other out,” Samuels said regarding her inspiration behind the song. “It sometimes felt that, if there’s any snag in the smoothness of dynamic in a relationship, I was finding it more and more common that people had no interest in truly understanding both experiences.”


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