In Tuesday’s election, Oregon Coast voters weighed in on ballot measures which would impact many who don’t live there – tourists.

The cities of Newport and Cannon Beach had new sales taxes up for consideration, and Lincoln County voters weighed in on a proposal to limit some short-term rentals popular with visitors to the coast.


In Newport, Measure 21-205 proposed a 5% tax, which would have applied to the sale of prepared food and beverages. It would have funded a range of public services, including emergency responder positions, libraries, parks and other city facilities. The measure failed to pass, with more than 68% voting against it.

A similar 5% sales tax was also on the ballot in Cannon Beach. If it’s passed, it’ll help fund emergency services and infrastructure, including a new city hall building and police department. As of Wednesday morning, the majority of Cannon Beach voters were in favor of the sales tax – but only by a margin of 23 votes.

A strip of cellophane sticks out from the sand on Cannon Beach.

File photo of Cannon Beach, Oregon.

Miranda Daviduk/OPB

Restricting some short-term rentals

In Lincoln County’s only county-wide election, voters were asked to weigh in on some short-term rentals in the area. With roughly 58% of voters casting ballots in favor as of Tuesday evening’s tally, Measure 21-203 has passed.

The measure phases out some short-term rentals, such as those listed Airbnb, over the next five years in single-family residential zones in unincorporated Lincoln County.

A group named 15 Neighborhoods collected the signatures needed to put the measure on the ballot. The legislation will not affect short-term rentals in cities like Waldport, Newport or Lincoln City.

Supporters said short-term rentals should only be available in commercial zones, and not in residential neighborhoods, while opponents argued that rentals boost tourism in the area and passage of the measure will eliminate hundreds of jobs.


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