Elias Cairo is the executive chef at Olympia Provisions.

Elias Cairo is the executive chef at Olympia Provisions.

Courtesy of Olympia Provisions

In this episode, we discuss a time when the federal government of the United States was espousing incorrect information about how to improve the health of the general population. For decades, the nation’s top health authorities told Americans to avoid natural proteins and fats and dig into carbs. The result was obesity and associated diseases.

We connect journalist Nina Teicholz’s stunning findings, published in her book “The Big Fat Surprise,” with the Mediterranean diet people are now trying to follow. What can other societies and cultures tell us about how to eat healthfully?

And salumist Elias Cairo fills us in on the probiotic properties of — yes! — naturally fermented charcuterie.

Our panelists are best-selling author and journalist Nina Teicholz, physician, author and longevity expert Miles Hassell and Olympia Provisions executive chef and salumist Elias Cairo. Our host is Katherine Cole.

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