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Watch Now: 'Jazz Town'

Jazz Town examines the vibrant, post-World War II eruption of music and nightlife in North and Northeast Portland. A colorful and significant chapter in the city's cultural narrative, this short-lived period is largely unknown to many Oregonians.

Swingin' Albina: An Oral History Of Portland’s Once Great Jazz Neighborhood

Not so long ago, a small segregated neighborhood in Portland was home to one of the more fascinating and vibrant jazz scenes in the United States.

Watch: How The Sound Of Jazz Evolved

The jazz universe...this is a visual history of the evolution of jazz music in the world, and how the expansion continues without boundaries. Learn more at Writers: Matt Fleeger, Derek Smith Animator: Macgregor Campbell Narrator: Ivalle Noel Producer: Ann McGarry

See Newly Discovered Photos Of Jazz Legends Playing In Portland

See previously unknown photos of Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong and more performing during the prime of  Portland's Jazz Town.

Listen: How Portland Jazz Evolved Over Nearly 70 Years

Hear more of the artists and songs featured in "Jazz Town" with these playlists, plus take a look at the future of Portland jazz.

About 'Jazz Town': Portland's Golden Jazz Age

Explore the neighborhood, politics and music behind Portland's brief, brilliant jazz age. 

Jazz Town: Full Credits