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Watch Now: 'The Vietnam War Oregon Remembers,' An 'Oregon Experience' Documentary

A new OPB documentary explores how the Vietnam War still deeply affects Oregonians, even nearly 50 years after the end of combat operations in Vietnam.

Charlie Haughey: Battalion Photographer

Charlie Haughey took more than 2,000 photographs while serving in Vietnam, but most of the images remained unprinted until decades after the war ended.

Harley Hall: Vietnam POW

Vancouver, Washington, native and Blue Angels Cmdr. Harley Hall is considered by many to be the last POW of the Vietnam War.

'The Vietnam War,' A PBS Documentary

"The Vietnam War" — a new 10-part, 18-hour documentary film series — directed by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick, will premiere Sept. 17, 2017, on OPB.

Resources For Veterans And Survivors

For veterans, war survivors and non-service members needing help, here are available resources.

Thuy Huyen: Fleeing Vietnam

In 1979, 5-year old Thuy Huyen and her family fled Vietnam in an overloaded fishing boat.

Central Oregon Veterans Ranch

In Redmond, a unique ranch is helping veterans of all generations connect with each other, the land and the community.

About The Vietnam War

Nearly 50 years after the end of combat operations in Vietnam, Oregonians remain deeply affected by the events of those times. OPB and PBS explore the war with two new documentaries. 

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