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William Goldman, Writer Behind 'Butch Cassidy,' 'Princess Bride,' Dies At 87


Goldman had a successful literary career before he turned to Hollywood, where he made an indelible mark — as the writer of beloved movies as well as a best-selling guide to screenwriting.

A True Believer Remembers Stan Lee


Stan Lee — born Stanley Martin Lieber — co-created many beloved Marvel Comics characters, but he became the company's tireless, beloved figurehead. NPR's Glen Weldon offers a remembrance.

'Toxic' Is Oxford Dictionaries' Word Of 2018


The publisher's research found "the sheer scope of its application" made "toxic" stand out this year.

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In 'Solo,' Chef Anita Lo Celebrates The Art Of Cooking For One

Meals for one should not be a sad or boring affair, says Michelin-starred chef Anita Lo. In her new cookbook, Lo goes beyond bitter greens, blue cheese and monkfish to serve up fun meals for one.

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'Big Little Lies' Author Places 'Perfect Strangers' In A High-End Health Resort

In Liane Moriarty's new novel, nine strangers gather at a 10-day wellness retreat looking for transformation — and end up getting a lot more than they bargained for.

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An American And Her Filipina Translator Exhume A Massacre In 'Insurrecto'

Gina Apostol's new novel is a story about the Philippine-American War set in the present day, told from two dueling perspectives. Turns out the idea of multiple identities is close to her own heart.

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A Noir Novel For The Trump Era, From Jonathan Lethem

The Feral Detective follows a New Yorker reeling from the 2016 election and the eccentric private eye of the title deep into the California desert.

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A New Biography Of Marie Colvin, Eyewitness To War

The American journalist reported on the human impact of war from places few Westerners ventured. Her life is the subject of In Extremis, by fellow correspondent Lindsey Hilsum.

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Natasha Trethewey: Poetry Speaks 'Across The Lines That Would Divide Us'

The Pulitzer Prize winner and former Poet Laureate has a new collection out, called Monument, that takes on American history, personal history, and the lives that history and poetry often overlook.

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Not His Job: 'Wait Wait' Host Peter Sagal Writes A Book About Running

He's the voice of NPR's comedy news quiz. He's also run a marathon in under 3:10. And now he's collected his thoughts about his avocation in The Incomplete Book of Running.


In 'Trust,' A Selfish, Unlikeable Family Makes For A Compelling Read

Kathy Wang's new novel centers around a dying patriarch who's been hinting for years that he's sitting on a fortune, and the gleefully selfish, myopic family that's jockeying for the money.

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Actor Michael Caine, 85, On His Long Career: 'The Alternative Was A Factory'

From the title heartthrob in Alfie to the fatherly butler of the Batman franchise, the actor has been filling movie screens for a half-century. His new memoir is Blowing The Bloody Doors Off.


Fierce And Mysterious, 'The Naked Woman' Walks In Dark Dreams

The Uruguayan writer Armonía Somers was part of a generation of talented artists — but she stood out, so wild, surreal and uncompromising that she scared critics and other authors alike.