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We All Watch In Our Own Way: A Critic Tracks The 'TV Revolution'


New Yorker TV critic Emily Nussbaum won't appear on panels pitting TV against movies or books. "Everything is valuable in its own way and they don't need to be in tension with one another," she says.

New Thriller 'The Chain' Has An Origin Almost As Exciting As Its Plot


Novelist Adrian McKinty had several books and prestigious awards under his belt — but no one was buying, and he'd given up writing to drive an Uber when a blog post led to some new opportunities.

'The Chain' Asks: How Far Would You Go For Your Child?


In Adrian McKinty's propulsive new thriller, an organization called The Chain kidnaps children, and forces the parents to kidnap another child in turn in order to rescue their own

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Dapper Dan, Telling Stories In Leather, Fur And Logos

The legendary hip-hop designer is now partnering with the big fashion labels who originally shut him down for bootlegging their logos. He's got a new memoir out, called Dapper Dan: Made in Harlem.

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Capturing The Undersung Blues People Of The Rural South

Tim Duffy started Music Maker Relief Foundation to support blues musicians lost to time and poverty. He's also photographed their portraits for a new book, compilation album and museum exhibition.

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New Novel Asks: What Would You Do To Get Your Kid Into 'The Gifted School'?

The school is fictional but the anxiety is real — the plot bears striking resemblance to actual college admissions scandals. "There's a sense that parents will stop at nothing," says Bruce Holsinger.

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Kids' Author Mo Willems Has A New Creative Challenge (And So Should You)

The creator of the Pigeon series, Knuffle Bunny, and Elephant & Piggie is currently an Artist-in-Residence at the Kennedy Center. He says if you want kids to draw, you should let them see you drawing.

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Not My Job: We Quiz Novelist Jennifer Weiner On TripAdvisor Whiners

Weiner will be quizzed on one whiner in particular — she'll have to figure out which negative review was actually written by host Peter Sagal's father, Matthew Sagal.

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'Three Women' Puts Female Desire At The Forefront

For her new book, Lisa Taddeo spent nearly a decade immersed in the sex lives of three women. She says desire is one of the things we think about the most, and it's time to talk about women's desires.

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How The Advance Weather Forecast Got Good

Under the radar (so to speak), predictions have improved dramatically of late. In The Weather Machine, Andrew Blum writes that it's due to an international (and imperiled) alliance of supercomputers.

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Of Tenants And Tentacles: 'BTTM FDRS' Confronts Gentrification In Comic Horror Form

Ezra Claytan Daniels and Ben Passmore's new graphic novel is a comic-horror take on the very real problem of gentrification that follows two young artists moving to a struggling Chicago neighborhood.


Secrets Kept By The 'Gone Dead' Haunt The Living

Chanelle Benz's debut novel follows a woman digging into the death of her father, a celebrated African American writer who abandoned his family — and died in a mysterious accident not long after.

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From 'Buffy' Superfan To Pulitzer Prize, A Critic Celebrates TV On Her Own Terms

Emily Nussbaum's new book, I Like To Watch, is a collection of essays that span her career and the age of prestige TV. She wants to "explode and expand" the types of shows we take seriously, she says.