Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott

Aaron Scott


Aaron Scott was the host of OPB's podcast "Timber Wars," and a producer/reporter for the outdoor program "Oregon Field Guide."

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Oregon bonsai creator captures nature in a bowl

After a traditional apprenticeship in Japan, Oregon bonsai professional Ryan Neil is capturing the West's rugged landscape in bonsai form. We follow one tree over the course of a year, as well as venture into the wilderness with Neil to see humanity's relationship with nature through his eyes.


Want to study how aliens might think? Look to the octopus

Octopuses are incredibly smart, yet the majority of their neurons exist in their arms and suckers, and not in their brain, making them as close to alien intelligence as we can find on Earth. It's like: what if our hands and fingers could think for themselves?

Could ‘Smokey Beaver’ help fight wildfires?

Science shows beavers make the landscape more resistant to wildfire and drought, inspiring a growing movement to partner with them against the worst effects of climate change.

Rescue dogs follow their noses to protect rare species

Rogue Detection Teams train rescue dogs to sniff out everything from pangolins to cherry viruses to threatened caterpillars to help scientists around the world, showing that dogs are one of the most powerful tools in conservation research.

The woman who would talk to trees

Renowned forest ecologist Suzanne Simard’s research into the ways trees communicate has inspired everything from “Avatar” to “The Overstory.” Now she has a memoir of her own sharing her journey from growing up in a small logging town to the research that revolutionized how we see forests.

A northern spotted owl in the old growth forest of Oregon

Developers of the Northwest Forest Plan urge permanent protection for mature forests

The health and vitality of forest ecosystems in the Northwest, and how much timber should be cut from those forests, is laid out in the Northwest Forest Plan. But that plan was created in the mid-1990s, and has not changed substantially since then, says Norm Johnson, one of its developers. He and his longtime colleague, Jerry Franklin, recently penned an opinion piece in The Register-Guard newspaper, opposing the planned logging of about 2,000 acres of mature trees in Oregon’s Willamette National Forest.

‘Timber Wars’ bonus episode: Wildfire

The fight over wildfire and forest management is the newest front in the Timber Wars, so after a year of record fires, we take a deep dive into OPB's reporting on wildfire and what we should do about it.