The city of Hillsboro has paid a man police wrongfully arrested and held for six days in jail. The man will receive $550,000 as part of a settlement agreement.

In February 2015, Adam Horstman sued the city of Hillsboro, as well as detectives who worked on the case.

The Hillsboro Police Department didn’t comment on the settlement. Neither did Horstman’s attorney.

The settlement, finalized in October, is close to the maximum that’s allowed under state law.

On June 30, 2014, Horstman went to fill a prescription at a Rite Aid pharmacy that had been robbed six weeks earlier.

“Several minutes after Plaintiff left the store, the assistant store manager called police to report that a person who was just there ‘looked a lot like’ the person who had robbed the pharmacy on May 18,” according to court documents.

On July 4, 2014, Hillsboro police arrested Horstman in connection with a string of robberies over the course of several weeks at four area pharmacies. Horstman remained in jail for six days until police arrested another suspect.

The settlement resolves pending litigation including the city of Hillsboro and the three involved officers: David Bonn, Brian Wilbur and Ted Schrader.