A fire at Beaverton High School Saturday caused smoke damage in multiple classrooms and areas of the school.

The fire was caused by a small refrigerator inside a classroom area. It contained three rooms and housed a math class and the high school’s leadership program. According to principal Anne Erwin, there is extensive smoke damage and some water damage inside these classrooms.

No one was hurt in the fire – a basketball practice was quickly evacuated and the coach called 911. Firefighters from Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue arrived on the scene within three minutes of being dispatched.

Other classrooms and the school’s auditorium were affected by the fire, too. Saturday, a remediation company started the cleaning and repair efforts.

But air quality tests were not completed over the three-day weekend. Classes were cancelled Tuesday to allow the district’s environmental health consultant plans to perform air quality tests. The district says staff are working in other buildings on the high school’s campus.

In a message to the Beaverton High School community, Erwin said there will be changes for the rest of the week. Classrooms need to be relocated, drama and band practices may need to be rescheduled or moved, and athletic practice will return to a normal schedule Wednesday.

It’s also finals week at Beaverton High. The schedule has been changed and finals will now start Wednesday. Basketball games scheduled at the school have also been moved to Aloha High School and Mountain View Middle School.

This story will be updated.