An artist's rendering of the two new Facebook data centers planned for Prineville, Oregon.

An artist’s rendering of the two new Facebook data centers planned for Prineville, Oregon.

Courtesy of Weinstein PR

Facebook announced Tuesday plans to construct two additional data centers in Prineville. 

The new buildings will bring the total number of Facebook buildings in Prineville up to five. That’s in addition to three Apple data halls. 

“It is very good news for us,” said Prineville Mayor Betty Roppe. “Our community was very heavily mills and logging industry and that has gone by the wayside. I do expect some of that to come back. But in the meantime, we have to look at every avenue we have to create jobs for the people who live in our community.”

Facebook currently employs 200 workers. Under an agreement with the city of Prineville, the company has to promise to provide additional, well-paying jobs for residents, in exchange for tax breaks. 

The announcement ensures that Prineville’s current construction boom will continue for the next four years. But a side effect of that boom is a severe housing shortage. The city of Prineville has been looking for solutions, but there aren’t many options for temporary workers or current residents.

“We obviously will make every effort to be able to house all the people who are working on site. 

From 2011 to 2016, rents rose more than 45 percent in Prineville — that’s the second highest rate of increase of any city in the nation, according to a LendingTree study.

The two new buildings represent a capital investment of hundreds of millions of dollars from Facebook. The new data centers will go online in 2021.