The Sunriver Service District is continuing its internal investigation into the conduct of Police Chief Marc Mills.

Mills was charged with harassment earlier this month by Deschutes County District Attorney John Hummel, after the police chief allegedly struck a sergeant who worked for him. 

The Sunriver Service District Board is considering a settlement with the police chief, but won’t make its decision about next steps until after its investigation is complete.

The board’s investigation is separate from the Oregon Department of Justice’s, which led to Mills’ misdemeanor charge.

“The two are completely separate investigations,” said Jim Fister, chair of the Sunriver Service District Board.

“We can’t depend on a criminal investigation to come to a conclusion for the board. We wanted to look at any potential administrative rule violations, violations of the employee handbook and investigate what other cultural things might have been going on in the department.”

Meanwhile, Mills’ case is slated to move ahead in the criminal justice system. 

“We’re pursuing parallel paths,” Fister said. “The board authorized me to negotiate a settlement if possible. But we’re continuing to complete the administrative investigation as well.”

Mills is scheduled for a court appearance next week. He has been on administrative leave since early December.