Clark County Public Health reported no new measles cases in the ongoing outbreak Tuesday.

The health agency also reported that there weren’t any new exposure sites where people could have potentially come in contact with the disease.  

The Vancouver-area measles outbreak began Jan. 1 and stands at 49 confirmed cases and 11 suspect cases. 

Marissa Armstrong with Clark County Public Health said she is hopeful this is a move in the right direction, but only time will tell whether or not the outbreak is ending — especially with suspected cases still pending.  

“We’re always happy to see that there are no new exposure sites because that tells us that there are not cases out potentially exposing new people, so seeing no new exposure sites is always good news and seeing no new confirmed cases is also good news,” Armstrong said. “We still have suspect cases with tests pending, so we’re not totally in the clear.” 

Armstrong said the lapse in additional cases helps Clark County Public Health feel like the preventative work the agency does is helping.

“It does make us feel like the hard work that our staff is doing to try to identify cases and identify potential contacts and get in touch with them and have them stay home — it makes us feel like that work is doing what we hope it’s doing in trying to curb this outbreak.”

There has only been one confirmed case in Oregon. The Oregon Health Authority said a Multnomah County resident had been diagnosed with measles Jan. 25.