The Oregon Departments of Agriculture and of Fish and Wildlife announced Thursday that recreational crabbing is open on the Oregon Coast.

The crabs were previously off limits due to high levels of the marine biotoxin domoic acid.

Domoic acid is the same biotoxin that has left parts of the coast closed to razor clamming — due to high levels of the toxin in clams and other shellfish.

Crab samples taken from north of Port Orford to the California border show levels of the biotoxin are below the unsafe limit.

Even though the domoic acid levels in crabs are below the closure limit, officials still warn people to eviscerate, or gut, their crabs before cooking, as the biotoxin may seep into cooking liquid from the viscera.

In general, officials do not recommend any consumption of crab viscera.

The Oregon Departments of Agriculture and Fish and Wildlife will continue to monitor crab biotoxin levels and relay any updates.

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