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Portland City Council Votes To Create Deputy Chief Of Police Position

Portland Police Chief Danielle Outlaw is poised to get a deputy chief of police who will assist her with overseeing and managing the police bureau. 

Portland City Council voted Wednesday to authorize the city to create a deputy chief of police position for which the Bureau of Human Resources recommends a maximum annual salary of $186,576.

Before the vote, council members sat through testimony from members of the community who said they fear the position will create a buffer between them and the new police chief.

Community members also raised concern over why the position is necessary in the first place, questioning Outlaw’s ability to run the bureau on her own.

Commissioner Nick Fish attempted to quell concerns, saying this was just the first step.

“All this does is authorize HR to create a position. It’s not funded, and we haven’t figured out how to fill it,” Fish said. “Our HR rules require that we go through this in stages, and there will be plenty of opportunity for you to come tell us whether we should fund it or not.”

The position was requested by Mayor Ted Wheeler’s office. The ordinance to create the position was approved unanimously.

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