UPDATE (Nov. 27, 11:05 a.m. PT) – The Clark County Sheriff’s Office has identified the suspect in the shooting Tuesday afternoon at Sarah J. Anderson Elementary School in Vancouver, Washington.

The sheriff’s office said 38-year-old Keland Hill shot two people before shooting and killing himself after a short pursuit.

Sgt. Brent Waddell with the sheriff’s office said two adult victims were transported to the hospital. One of them was pronounced dead. The second had non-life-threatening injuries.

Law enforcement at the scene said the shooting appeared to be the result of an ongoing domestic violence situation. The sheriff’s office confirmed the deceased victim had a restraining order against Hill. 

The sheriff’s office said Hill had recently been released from jail on bail pending his court hearing related to a prior case.

Waddell said most students had left for the day already. He also said two children who were in a car at the scene and a third inside the school would be taken to child protective services. The children’s relationship to the victims was not immediately clear. 

Vancouver Public Schools spokesperson Pat Nuzzo said the “targeted” shooting took place in the school parking lot at 3:15 p.m., but did not involve students or staff.

“There were no students in danger,” she said. “No students and no staff were injured.”

“Our thoughts are with the victims, students, families, staff and the entire Anderson community,” Nuzzo said in statement. “We will support them however we can.”