Portland’s newest bridge, the Tilikum Crossing, lit up Monday evening as TriMet tested an aesthetic lighting system. In total, the bridge contains 178 LED lights that power the display. 

The lighting system, which is a part of the public art program for the soon-to-be-opened MAX Orange Line, is timed with the currents of the Willamette River through a computer system that pulls real-time data directly from the U.S. Geological Survey river monitor located near the Morrison Bridge.

On Monday, June 22, 2015, Trimet conducted a test of the aesthetic lighting system on the Tilikum Crossing. In total, there are 178 LED lights that make up the display.

In January, TriMet tested the connectivity between the new MAX train and the bridge.

The Tilikum Crossing, otherwise known as the Bridge of the People, is set to open Sept. 12. It will be the nation’s only multi-model bridge that won’t allow private motor vehicles, and will instead serve as an exclusive crossing for the lightrail, buses, bikers and pedestrians.