DNC Day 3: Barack Obama, Joe Biden And Tim Kaine Speak

By Jeff Mapes (OPB) and Bryan M. Vance (OPB)
July 27, 2016 12:30 p.m.

The Clintons are back.

That was clear Tuesday at the Democratic National Convention. It wasn't just the history-making nomination of Sec. Hillary Clinton as the Democratic presidential candidate, but also Bill Clinton's glowing endorsement of Hillary, which included plenty of nostalgia from the Clinton's stint in the White House in the 1990s. And of course, key rival Sen. Bernie Sanders' nomination of Hillary Clinton sealed the evening for the Clintons.
But it didn't come without controversy. Several hundred delegates, upset by Sanders' endorsement of Clinton, walked out of the convention Tuesday. As the convention turns to Day 3 and the current administration takes the stage, here are the three things to watch for:

1) Barack Obama And Joe Biden Stump For Hillary:

After masterful validating speeches from Michelle Obama on Monday and Bill Clinton on Tuesday, Hillary Clinton will be feted Wednesday night by President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. Both, of course, can be quite compelling orators.
It will be interesting to see how much Obama talks about his deliberations over foreign policy with Clinton when she was secretary of state. They are known to have had some fierce disagreements. Will he get into that and portray it as a sign of strength? As for Biden, the outgoing vice president contemplated running for president himself, so his thoughts on Clinton's candidacy must be somewhat complicated. Will he give a glowing endorsement of Clinton, or will he focus mostly on the party's platform?

2) America, Meet Sen. Tim Kaine:

Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine will get his introduction to the American people – well almost everybody who lives outside of Virginia, anyway – when he accepts the vice presidential nomination Wednesday night. 

The speeches by running mates aren't always that memorable. Who remembers what Mike Pence said last week? But, if Kaine's recent campaign stop in Miami is any indication, he could certainly leave an impression on voters and delegates alike Wednesday night. His acceptance speech will be a good opportunity to gauge what kind of impact he will have on the ticket, as well as how he'll play with the Sanders crowd (who complained when Clinton picked him that Kaine was too conservative).

3) The Political Revolution Movement Continues:

Speaking of Sanders, there continue to be some scattered protests at the convention among upset Sanders delegates. Aside from the walkout during Tuesday's roll call, delegates have staged their protests to Clinton's candidacy in various ways during the DNC so far. And some of them continue to be mad at Sanders himself for so strongly endorsing Clinton.
Sanders is clearly being edged from the stage as the spotlight is refocused solely on the Clinton-Kaine campaign.  Will there be any more drama on Wednesday around the political revolution many Sanders supporters hoped for, or is the convention now firmly turned toward the task of promoting Clinton?

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