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Oregon’s Public Universities Contemplate Tuition Increases


Oregon’s public universities are looking at one major way they can stay solvent – tuition increases. But one Oregon university voted this week to keep that tuition increase minimal.

A Brief History Of Income Taxes


Taxes have been around forever. But the income tax? In the U.S., it's relatively recent.

Why Do Introverts Get Paid Less?


There's a gap in career earnings between introverts and extroverts.

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Trump's Trade War Forces Volvo To Shift Gears In South Carolina

The Chinese-owned Swedish automaker was originally planning to ship U.S.-made luxury sedans out of the port of Charleston and send them to China. Trump's trade war threw a wrench in those plans.

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Why Do We Still Use QWERTY Keyboards?

The story behind the first six keyboard letters are driven by economics.

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A Guardian of Global Capitalism Warns Capitalism Has A Problem

The IMF finds companies are getting increasingly powerful. Here's why that's bad for consumers and for the whole economy.

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Kotek, Courtney Working Up A PERS Plan Of Their Own

The House speaker said Monday that a plan released by Gov. Kate Brown last week doesn't do enough to protect all public employers in Oregon from ballooning pension payments.

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The Cost Of Measles

The cost of a measles outbreak - to individuals, families, communities, and the country - is high.

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The Maple Syrup Cartel

Prices for most agricultural products change with supply and demand. Not maple syrup.

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On Tax Day, The IRS Is Short Of Money

The agency's budget has been cut sharply over the last decade. That means fewer audits. The Trump administration says those cuts may have gone too far and it's seeking more money for tax enforcement.

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Washington Utility Eager To Branch Into Hydrogen Fuel Production

It would be the first of a group of power companies in the Pacific Northwest to use their dams to make "renewable hydrogen."

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Solving Problems Caused By International Trade

Free trade may solve problems for businesses transacting across borders, but it can make life painful for their workers.

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Confused By Your College Financial Aid Letter? You're Not Alone

Financial aid offer letters look vastly different from one school to the next, and it isn't always clear how much students will have to pay. "It's really the Wild West," one expert says.