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Trump Says He Sees The European Union As A 'Foe' Of US


President Trump told CBS that he has "low expectations" ahead of a summit with Russia's Vladimir Putin, and added, "I think the European Union is a foe, what they do to us in trade."

It Is Legal For Kids To Work On Tobacco Farms, But It Can Make Them Sick


Advocates say that gaps in federal regulations leave child workers vulnerable to the health risks of nicotine and pesticide exposure. Labor laws allow larger farms to hire kids as young as 12.

Regulators Investigate Fast-Food Chains' Limits On Whom They Hire


Ten states and the District of Columbia are investigating fast-food chains over the use of so-called "no-poach" agreements that limit the ability of workers to switch jobs.

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China Is Better Able To Withstand A Trade War Than In The Past

The United States still buys a lot of products from China, but overall China is a lot less dependent on trade than it used to be. And Beijing now has leverage over the U.S. that it once lacked.

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Trump Administration Readies Tariffs On $200B Of Chinese Imports

The administration's list includes more than 6,000 items, including seafood, propane and toilet paper.

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Why President Trump Hates Canadian Dairy

President Trump has railed against Canada when it comes to trade. A particular point of criticism is the dairy industry. Canada slaps steep tariffs on imports of milk, cheese and butter from the U.S.

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Trade War With China Heats Up, But Tariff Effects Are Already Rippling Across U.S.

Trade tensions have reached a boiling point with tit-for-tat tariffs between the U.S. and China. But even before these levies went into effect other tariffs were having a big impact on U.S. companies.

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The Recession Predictor, Still Predictive?

Every time the yield curve has inverted since 1970, the economy has fallen into recession. It's getting close to inverting now, but it may no longer be the recession predictor it once was.

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Britain's Brexit Secretary Abruptly Quits, Throwing Deal To Leave EU In Doubt

Days after Prime Minister Theresa May's Cabinet hammered out a proposal for leaving the bloc, Brexit Secretary David Davis is stepping down, saying the plan leaves the U.K. in a weak position.

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Judge Orders Chinese Wind-Turbine Maker To Pay $59 Million For Stealing Trade Secrets

Chinese wind turbine maker Sinovel Wind Group Co. has been ordered to pay $59 million for stealing trade secrets from wind technology firm, American Superconductor Corp by a federal judge.

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Jobs: 10 Questions in 10 Minutes

It's jobs Friday! For a comprehensive mid-year update on the labor market, we ask labor economist Betsey Stevenson ten questions in ten minutes.

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U.S. Added 213,000 Jobs In June

Economists say the government's June jobs report is likely to show a continued tightening of the labor market. They estimate 195,000 jobs were added last month and unemployment held at 3.8 percent.

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China Says US Has Begun 'Largest Trade War' In History, Retaliates With Tariffs

At midnight, U.S. tariffs took effect on $34 billion worth of imported Chinese goods — and Beijing responded quickly. The tit-for-tat marks a significant escalation in the countries' trade dispute.