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Trade And Economic Tensions Loom Over G-7 Summit In France


Just before leaving Washington, D.C., Friday, President Trump hiked tariffs on Chinese imports and threatened to force American companies to leave China.

Is A Grocery Strike Possible? Workers Cast Final Votes


Grocery workers finish voting Saturday on whether to authorize a strike against Fred Meyer, Albertsons, Safeway and other stores.

More Rate Cuts? Powell Says Fed Is Ready To Help Economy Grow Amid Trade Tensions


The central bank will "act as appropriate" to sustain the economic expansion as the trade war with China takes a toll on global growth and parts of the U.S. economy, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell says.

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Trade War Heats Up As China Sets Tariffs On $75 Billion In US Goods

China says it will slap tariffs on autos and thousands of other U.S. goods. It's an escalation of a trade war that has rippled through the world economy and raised U.S. recession fears.

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The Federal Budget Deficit Is Getting Bigger As Spending Grows

The deficit is expected to swell to $960 billion this year and average $1.2 trillion in each of the next 10 years, according to congressional budget forecasters. They also expect the economy to slow.

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Tomato Truce: U.S. And Mexico Strike A Deal On Imports

The U.S. agreed to lift tariffs on imported tomatoes from Mexico. But importers warn that stepped-up inspections could still create bottlenecks, limiting supplies and raising produce prices.

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Employers Struggle With Hiring Undocumented Workers: 'You Cannot Hire American Here'

Unauthorized immigrants often do manual, low-paying jobs, and employers say they have no choice but to hire them. But the White House and advocates for lower immigration say the law is the law.

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Classified Staff At Oregon's Public Universities Take Step Toward Strike

Contract negotiations are getting tense between Oregon’s public universities and the bargaining team representing 5,000 classified employees.

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Portland Public Schools Respond To Fraudulent $3 Million Construction Payment

The apparent "banking crime" as the district is calling it, was flagged Friday by the district's bank. The district said the fraud was discovered in time for it to recover the $2.9 million involved.

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Trump Dismisses Recession Fears, Saying Fed Must Help The Economy

The Trump administration pushed back hard against warnings of an economic slowdown. But the president is also calling on the Federal Reserve to cut interest rates again to help boost growth.

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The Case For Summer Vacation

Economists have long criticized summer vacation as economically inefficient. But one has come to its defense.

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Mega Dairy Tillamook Accused Of Misleading Marketing Campaigns

The Animal Legal Defense Fund filed a proposed class action lawsuit against the mega-dairy Monday, accusing the association of tricking consumers into thinking their products are sourced from small, local dairies within Tillamook County.   

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VIDEO: Why Do Irish Pubs Work So Well? There's A Formula To It

Here's what Kazakhstan, Hong Kong and Ireland have in common: They all have Irish pubs. And a bunch of them are the product of one man: Mel McNally.