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Oregon Lottery Releases New Mobile Sports Betting Game


Scoreboard allows players to bet on various professional sports from its mobile app or desktop-based game.

GM And UAW Reach Tentative Agreement To End National Strike


When the UAW's GM national council reviews the deal's terms Thursday, it will decide whether nearly 50,000 workers should remain on strike or if they should go back to work immediately.

How Non-Profit Hospitals Are Driving Up The Cost Of Health Care


Recent reports and studies suggest that the outsized political power of hospitals is a big reason why American health care is so expensive.

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Oregon Vapers Likely To Circumvent Ban Via Internet

Oregon’s new six month ban on flavored vape goes into effect first thing Tuesday. Customers say they’ll either go online to get around the ban or make their own vaping liquid.

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3 Win Nobel Prize In Economics For Work In Reducing Poverty

Abhijit Banarjee, Esther Duflo and Michael Kremer will share the Bank of Sweden Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel.

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Tapping Into Minnesota's Craft Beer Boom (Rebroadcast)

You can find cake-, lavender- and dill pickle-flavored beers in the North Star State.

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Citing Declining Enrollment And State Funding, Southern Oregon University Plans Cuts

The president of Southern Oregon University is calling for a 4% campus-wide reduction in spending.

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Trump Announces Phase One Of Trade Deal With China

As part of the deal, the next round of 30% tariffs will not be imposed. More agriculture trade between the two countries is expected.

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Has The Trade War Taken A Bite Out Of China's Economy? Yes — But It's Complicated

China's economic growth has been slowing down for years. Tariffs have contributed to slower growth since early 2018, when the economic standoff began, but it's hard to pinpoint how much.

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Portland Company Builds First Of Its Kind Renewable Wave Energy Device

Portland manufacturing company Vigor completed the construction of an Ireland-based company's renewable wave energy device.

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Renters Only: These New Homes Aren't For Sale

Developers are building thousands of single-family homes that won't require a mortgage to move in. Even people who could afford to buy are choosing to rent — they aren't ready for the long-term debt.

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VIDEO: 8 Reasons Horror Movies Are Scary Good Business

Seven of the 10 most profitable films of all time are horror movies, and the reason why is quite simple.

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Trump Appointee Gorsuch Plays Coy In LGBTQ Employment Rights Case

At issue is whether Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which bars sex discrimination, covers gay and transgender workers.