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The USDA Rolled Back Protections For Small Farmers. Now The Farmers Are Suing


At issue is the Trump administration's withdrawal of two Obama-era rules designed to protect small farmers who say they are being exploited by the meatpacking companies they supply.

Inslee's Budget Wish List: More Money For Schools And A Carbon Tax

Northwest News Network

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee on Thursday rolled out his proposal for an update to the state’s two-year, $43 billion budget. Here are the top five items on the governor’s budget wish list.

An $846,000 Inheritance Got Lost In Transit. That Was In February


The only money a Canadian family has recovered from a lost bank draft is the $32 it cost to ship the document. Their bank, TD Canada Trust, has delayed issuing the money.

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5 Most Important Environmental Issues Of 2017

From Paris to the White House to the wildlands of the Pacific Northwest, the environment was big news in 2017. 

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Unhappy 10th Anniversary, Great Recession. You Still Hurt Us

The Great Recession began exactly one decade ago this month. Although the economy has been growing steadily for years, the downturn's impact is still deeply felt by millions who lost homes and jobs.

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Many Live On The Brink Of Homelessness In Eastern Oregon

While the 2017 count by the state of Oregon found 55 homeless people in Umatilla County, many more like Kidder are on the brink of homelessness.

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Fed Raises Interest Rates Again As Economy Rolls On

Policymakers increased a key rate for the third time this year. The quarter-point move indicates the Fed is confident in the economy as it continues to recover from the financial crisis.

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Full Employment: Are We There Yet?

Why is it so hard to figure out when the economy is at full employment? And why does the Fed keep getting it wrong?

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Study: Oregon's State Parks Contributed $1B To Local Economy In 2016

A study by the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department finds visitors to the state's parks contributed more than $1 billion to the economy and supported 16,000 jobs in 2016.

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Australian Drone Engine Maker Opening Factory In Hood River

The unmanned aircraft industry cluster in the Columbia River Gorge is growing yet again.

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Tax Bill Favors Adding Robots Over Workers, Critics Say

They say the Republican tax proposals encourage companies to buy robots instead of hiring people and creating jobs. Some employers and economist say the bill should promote training instead.

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Facebook Plans To Build 2 New Data Centers In Prineville

The new buildings will bring the total number of Facebook buildings in Prineville up to five. That’s in addition to three Apple data halls.