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The Most Dangerous Economist


When the US needed a spy plane and an invasion, it hired the economist Richard Bissell.

Northwest Exports Back Up As Coronavirus Quarantines Trade

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Right now, all sorts of products aren’t reaching the U.S. because of the coronavirus outbreak that originated in Wuhan, China. Reciprocally, many U.S. agricultural and forestry products aren’t shipping to China and other Pacific Rim countries.

Ciao, Italia: Why Italy's Youth are Leaving in Droves


Italy's young workers have been leaving for decades. One of them worked for Planet Money last winter. Here's what it's like to leave a stagnant economy in a country you love.

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Health Insurance Industry Lobbying Pays Off With Key Change To Consumer-minded Bill

Strong opposition and intense lobbying by Washington’s health insurance industry has resulted in a key change to a consumer-oriented measure designed to address rising premium costs.

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How The Big Oregon Timber Deal Came Together, And How It Could Fall Apart

This week started off on a celebratory note in Salem, but the good feelings didn't last long. 

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Oregon's Revenue Picture Improves, Fueling Heightened Expectations For 2020 Session

According to the latest forecast, Oregon might take in nearly $675 million more this budget cycle than economists predicted in June. 

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Odds Are Improving That Washington Will Legalize Sports Betting, But Not Like Oregon

A couple of years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court cleared the way for states beyond Nevada to have sports betting. Oregon dove in last year. Now, Washington state lawmakers are taking a hard look at legalizing sports betting.

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Whither The Deficit Hawk: Changing Attitudes On Budget Red Ink Among The GOP

William Hoagland, who for years helped shape GOP budget policy, says the public just doesn't see rising deficits as a major issue at a time when the economy is doing well.

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Trump To Again Propose Slashing Foreign Aid In Budget

President Trump is expected to propose steep cuts to foreign aid and other programs in his budget for fiscal 2021. The blueprint is expected to be declared dead-on-arrival in Congress.

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Hiring Picks Up As Employers Add 225,000 Jobs In January

U.S. employers added more jobs than expected last month, while the unemployment rate inched up to 3.6%. Unusually warm weather contributed to job gains for construction workers.

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There's More To Coffee Than Just The Bean. Meet The Coffee Fruit.

American's coffee obsession relies on just one part of the coffee plant: the seed. More often than not, the edible fruit surrounding the pit is thrown away. A Bend cafe has found new uses for all that food waste.

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Washington State Lawmakers Eyeing Health Insurers' Billions In Premium Surpluses

In recent years, Washington’s three biggest nonprofit insurers have amassed nearly $4.5 billion in surpluses. Now, two proposals in the Washington Legislature are taking aim at those surpluses.

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Cities And States Are Saying No To Cashless Shops

Washington, D.C., is the latest city to consider banning businesses from rejecting cash. Opponents of cashless stores say they discriminate against low-income, homeless and undocumented people.