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We Buy A Cryptokitty!


Today on The Indicator: Cardiff and Stacey go deep into the world of the blockchain... to buy a cartoon cat.

Cryptokitties: The Download On Digital Cats


How a single cartoon cat can cost $140K.

Are Job Ads Targeting Young Workers Breaking The Law?


Many employers use online ads to attract younger workers. Several pending lawsuits are testing whether employers using highly targeted recruitment ads can be sued for age discrimination.

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Turkey Counterpunches By Raising Tariffs On U.S. Goods

Ankara has increased tariffs on U.S. products ranging from liquor to automobiles to beauty products, in some cases more than tripling them.

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From Prison To The Workforce

People who've been to prison find it hard to get work once they're free. One solution to the problem may be a simple certificate.

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From Mills To Manufacturers, Steel Tariffs Produce Winners And Losers

President Trump boasts that his trade policies are bringing back the steel industry, but corporate earnings reports suggest they're also hurting the bottom line at some manufacturing companies.

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What's In Your Shopping Cart? A Battleground For Global Trade

As a trade war brews between the U.S. and its major trading partners, we looked into the carts of back-to-school shoppers to see how global trade might show up in their baskets

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Oregon Coast Visitor Volume Down Slightly But Spending Is Up

The number of visitors staying in a hotel or rental home on the Oregon Coast dipped slightly last year, but overall spending grew to nearly $2 billion.

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How Are Tariffs Affecting You?

Are you noticing any effects from the tariffs in your daily life or work? Are you paying less or more for products you buy at the supermarket or for your business? NPR wants to hear from you.

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Rural America Faces A Crisis In 'Adequate Housing'

Small towns have their own version of the housing crisis: not enough homes being built, plus a lack of move-in ready homes. Local leaders say it's hard to expand the tax base without more homes.

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What's The Deal With The Deepening Dispute Between U.S. And Turkey?

With the tariffs, sanctions and insults, these longtime allies are looking like anything but. As the Turkish lira falls, you may wonder what's going on here — and why it matters. We have answers.

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Messy Desks, Light Bulbs & Dune

We play overrated/underrated with Tim Harford, author of 'Fifty Inventions that Shaped the Modern Economy.' We talk messy desks, light bulbs and Dune, the board game.

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We Asked: How Is The Homeownership Crisis Affecting You?

More than 450 people responded to our callout on social media that asked our NPR audience what they've experienced while trying to buy a home in today's market. Here's what they told us.