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The Northwest Juniper Lumber Industry Is Poised For A Healthy Bump


Western juniper has been relegated to firewood, furniture, raised garden beds and the occasional rural fence post. That’s about to change.

Time Bandits


Timekeeping software is becoming the standard across the U.S. And it turns out, it can be used to steal workers' wages, a few minutes at a time.

Small Business Owner Fears U.S.-China Trade War Will Destroy Her Company


Mary Buchzeiger's auto parts company may be fighting for its life if it doesn't get relief from Trump's proposed tariffs. "They're attacks on U.S. companies that are using Chinese goods," she says.

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Washington Politics Adding To Mental Health Crisis Among Farmers

Suicide rates among farmers are higher than any other profession in the United States, even exceeding the suicide rate for veterans.

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SNAP Back To Reality

Congress may soon expand work requirements for people who receive benefits under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. But do these work requirements match the reality of work itself?

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British Businesses Hope To Cash In On Royal Wedding

"People like them," a London souvenir shop employee says of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. "They're a bit cool, aren't they?" And, he says, "For our business, they're absolutely essential."

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Time Is Running Out To Complete NAFTA Renegotiation This Year

House Speaker Paul Ryan has said the effort to overhaul the treaty needs to be completed this week, but fundamental differences remain among the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

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All Bets Are On

Thanks to a recent Supreme Court decision, legal sports betting may be coming to a city near you.

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Rising Rates Vs. The Housing Market

Interest rates are on the rise for the first time in years. What that means for the housing market is far from obvious.

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The Semiconductor Standoff

What one embattled smartphone-maker can tell us about China's plan to transform its economy

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Umatilla Group Wants To Reclaim Federally Owned Chunk Of Columbia Shoreline

A group of Umatilla citizens believes it's time to return the Columbia River shoreline to local control.

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In Vino, Veritas by Numbers

Assigning a grade to a bottle of wine might seem counterintuitive, or even a little absurd, but wine scores have can have a big impact the people who sell wine — and the people who drink it.

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Failing College

Colleges are seeing fewer and fewer students apply every year. To try and stay solvent and attract students, they're trying all kinds of things, from lazy rivers to M&A.