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Jordan Cove Energy Project Gets Federal Approval But State Permit Denials Remain

A federal commission gave its conditional approval Thursday to Southwest Oregon’s controversial Jordan Cove energy project.

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Gray Whale Strandings More Likely During Solar Storms: Study

New research suggests radio frequency noise from the sun creates navigation problems for gray whales.

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Ecola State Park Closed Until Further Notice Due To Landslide Damage

Parts of Ecola State Park are closed until further notice after a landslide damaged a section of the park’s only entrance road.

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Study: Ocean Acidification Is Dissolving Shells Of Young Dungeness Crab

A new study finds ocean acidification is already affecting young Dungeness crab off the West Coast. But so far, it’s unclear what that means for Oregon’s most valuable fishery.

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Sifting Sands: Volunteers Take On Microplastics At Oregon Coast

How do you clean all the sand on a beach? A group of volunteers didn’t do it grain by grain, but took on the task screen by screen.

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Northwest Salmon In Peril, And Efforts To Save Them Scale Up

With Pacific Northwest salmon and steelhead on the brink of extinction, there are new efforts being brokered to save the famed fish.

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Study: Marine Heatwave Likely The Cause Of Massive Die-off Of North Coast Seabirds

Researchers say a marine heatwave, known as the Blob, may have caused 1 million West Coast seabirds to die during the summer of 2015 and spring of 2016.

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Federal Scientists Say Jordan Cove Won't Jeopardize Species

The proposed Jordan Cove liquified natural gas project will not jeopardize protected species. That’s according to a report by scientists with the National Marine Fisheries Service.

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Oregon State University To Develop Student Housing In Newport

Oregon State University has announced plans for new housing in Newport, starting with marine science students.

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New Year Brings New Protections For West Coast Seafloor Habitat

The new year brings new protections for corals and sponges that live on the seafloor off the West Coast.