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Offshore Wind Energy Looks More Promising for Oregon

Falling costs have green energy advocates once again eyeing the waters of Oregon's South Coast as a site for possible offshore wind projects.

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New Marine Heat Wave Looks A Lot Like 'The Blob'

Scientists are monitoring a marine heat wave off the West Coast that they say is reminiscent of the massive stretch of warm water nicknamed "the Blob" in 2014-15.

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Judge Strikes Down San Juan Islands Ballot Measure On Whale Watching Distance Rules

Whale watch tour companies have knocked a proposed orca protection initiative off the November ballot in San Juan County, Washington.

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Juvenile Humpback Whale Stranded, Then Euthanized Near Waldport

A juvenile humpback whale was euthanized Thursday after washing ashore near Waldport the day prior, according to the Oregon Department of Parks and Recreation.

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Rare Sighting Of Blue Whales Off The Washington Coast

A whale expert is reporting a rare sighting of blue whales off the Washington coast. The largest animals on the planet have also been sighted in unusual numbers offshore of Oregon this summer.

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Rescuers Free Humpback Whale From Fishing Gear Off Washington Coast

A badly entangled whale is swimming free again after a dramatic rescue off the Washington coast last week.

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Plastic Pollution Is Everywhere. What Can We Do About It?

Scientists are finding plastic pollution in every nook and cranny of the planet. Here are some of the ways people are trying to reduce it.

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Hunt For Answers Shows Oregon Rivers Not Immune To Microplastic Pollution

Two OPB reporters go on a scientific journey to discover how much microplastic pollution has made it to Oregon's most iconic rivers.

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The Dream Of A Viable Bacon-Like Seaweed Is Still Alive In Oregon

Four years after OSU shook the internet with its discovery of "a seaweed that tastes like bacon," the hard work of commercialization continues, but guilt-free bacon from the sea remains elusive.