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Study: Marine Heatwave Likely The Cause Of Massive Die-off Of North Coast Seabirds

Researchers say a marine heatwave, known as the Blob, may have caused 1 million West Coast seabirds to die during the summer of 2015 and spring of 2016.

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Oregon Coastal Town Takes On Facebook Over Company's Undersea Cable

A battle playing out in Oregon is pitting residents of a tiny coastal town with no stoplights or cellphone service against one of the world's biggest tech companies.

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Federal Scientists Say Jordan Cove Won't Jeopardize Species

The proposed Jordan Cove liquified natural gas project will not jeopardize protected species. That’s according to a report by scientists with the National Marine Fisheries Service.

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Oregon State University To Develop Student Housing In Newport

Oregon State University has announced plans for new housing in Newport, starting with marine science students.

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New Year Brings New Protections For West Coast Seafloor Habitat

The new year brings new protections for corals and sponges that live on the seafloor off the West Coast. 

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OPB Staff's Favorite Videos From 2019

OPB producers pick their favorite videos of 2019: from Portland's jazz godfather and Oregon's role in the NASA moon landing to a very jolly sausage and sauerkraut festival.

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Oregon Coastal Towns Confront A Fate Tied To Antarctica's Melting Glaciers

Scientists agree that sea levels are rising. The question is: How much and how fast? That’s an important question for communities along the Oregon Coast.

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Scientist Hot Take: Pacific Northwest Volcano Forecast To Erupt Within 4 Years

The region's most active volcano, the Axial Seamount, is 300 miles off the coast of Oregon. 

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On The Oregon Coast, Turning Pollution Into Art With A Purpose

A local artist is turning the mountains of plastic garbage that wash up on Oregon beaches into dramatic sculptures of the very marine life threatened by the deluge of plastics.

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New Crab Pot Could Help Reduce Whale Entanglements

As this year’s Dungeness crab fishery approaches, so does the risk of whale entanglements in crab gear.