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Fisheries Managers Face Mixed Forecast For Northwest Salmon, Concerns Over Endangered Orca

Northwest chinook salmon fisheries may eventually be adjusted to ensure there’s enough fish in the ocean for endangered orcas.

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New Gray Whale License Plates Available In Oregon Feb. 1

A fraction of the license plate sales will go to Oregon State University's Marine Mammal Institute. 

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Scientists Puzzled By High Cancer Rate Among West Coast Sea Lions

For almost 30 years, scientists have struggled to understand why so many sea lions get cancer. If they can, they also might answer some of the biggest questions about why humans do, too.

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Study: Northwest Salmon Not Immune To Ocean Acidification

Researchers in the Pacific Northwest have found that elevated levels of carbon dioxide in the ocean could have a profound effect on salmon. 

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OPB's Favorite Videos From 2018

On resilience and wonder: Replaying OPB's standout videos of 2018.

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Scent Research Could Help More Salmon Find Their Way Home

Southern Oregon’s Elk River has a problem. Salmon produced in a fish hatchery there aren’t returning to spawn. One scientist believes she has a solution … leading the salmon by the nose.

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Oregon Officials Worry 'World's Smallest Harbor' Could Shrivel Unless Dredged

If you've traveled the central Oregon Coast, you might remember the signs marking Depoe Bay's claim to fame: the "World's Smallest Harbor." But now that harbor is getting even smaller because of accumulating silt.

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Otter Fans Float Plan To Return Sea Otters To The Oregon Coast

It's been more than a century since sea otters were hunted to near extinction along the U.S. West Coast. Now a new nonprofit has formed to try to bring them back to the Oregon Coast.

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Oregon Students Get Up Close And Personal With Intertidal Creatures

We follow a team of students from the University of Oregon's Institute of Marine Biology as they pry up rocks and wiggle into tight crevices in search of specimens for the Smithsonian Institution.

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Algae From 2011 Japanese Tsunami Debris Hasn’t Taken Hold

Researchers have determined that none of the marine algae that arrived in the Pacific Northwest via debris from the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami has gained a foothold in U.S. coastal waters.