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Coos Bay Fishermen Brace For Impacts From Jordan Cove And Channel-Widening Projects

The Jordan Cove liquefied natural gas terminal and the local port's channel widening projects are both working their way through the permitting process.

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The Willamette River's Struggling Fish Are Raising Environmentalists' Concerns

Steelhead and salmon struggle to survive the Willamette River Basin's high dams and slackwater reservoirs. Saving them is no easy task.

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NW Charter Fishing Fleet Casts Wary Eye Toward Possible Cutbacks To Save Orcas

Pacific Northwesterners are undeniably fond of their endangered resident killer whales. Many locals are also fans of salmon fishing. But now there is a chance future fishing trips on the ocean could be curtailed to leave more food for the orcas.

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Salmon Fisheries Set As Managers Start Process To Protect Endangered Orcas

With fishery limits now set, attention turns to rebuilding "overfished" salmon runs and protecting Southern Resident orcas.

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Washington Politicians Mull Options For Removing Competition For Orcas

Politicians and wildlife managers are engaged in a fresh debate about whether to intervene in nature to save an imperiled species.

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Recreational Crabbing Open On The Oregon Coast

The Oregon Departments of Agriculture and of Fish and Wildlife report that the biotoxin domoic acid is below the closure limit for crabs, opening the recreational crabbing season.

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Fisheries Managers Face Mixed Forecast For Northwest Salmon, Concerns Over Endangered Orca

Northwest chinook salmon fisheries may eventually be adjusted to ensure there’s enough fish in the ocean for endangered orcas.

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New Gray Whale License Plates Available In Oregon Feb. 1

A fraction of the license plate sales will go to Oregon State University's Marine Mammal Institute. 

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Scientists Puzzled By High Cancer Rate Among West Coast Sea Lions

For almost 30 years, scientists have struggled to understand why so many sea lions get cancer. If they can, they also might answer some of the biggest questions about why humans do, too.

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Study: Northwest Salmon Not Immune To Ocean Acidification

Researchers in the Pacific Northwest have found that elevated levels of carbon dioxide in the ocean could have a profound effect on salmon.