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Eric D. Johnson's Five Song Serenade

If you’re a certain kind of music geek— the type that gets excited about a decade-old album being played live from front to back, for example— chances are you might measure your life out in terms of records and their respective release dates. All the big moments, whatever they may be, tend to have an album, a mixtape, or a song at least, that has made up the the soundtrack to the movie adaptation of your life (to paraphrase Pavement).

Mouthfuls wasn’t the first Fruit Bats record, but it was the first most people heard from the band led by Eric D. Johnson. It arrived on Sub Pop in 2003, in the same general timeframe as records like Iron & Wine’s The Creek That Drank the Cradle and Holopaw’s self-titled debut, all showing off a new sound for the label. A sweetly-delivered collection of AM folk embued with electronics and hints of bubblegum pop, Mouthfuls served to put Fruit Bats on the map, and Johnson has since gone on to release three more records on Sub Pop (2011’s Tripper being the most recent).

WATCH & LISTEN to our 2011 Fruit Bats session

Johnson convenes the band one final time this weekend, celebrating the decade anniversary of Mouthfuls by playing it from start to finish, and retiring the band for good Saturday night at the Aladdin Theater. We talked to him about the show, his memories of 2003 and what’s next for him following The Fruit Bats, and he also got to a couple of solo takes on songs from the record in our studios recently.


As for Johnson’s guest DJ set, here’s his picks as they aired on our air Friday afternoon:

1- JJ Cale - “Magnolia” (Naturally, 1971)


2- Grandaddy - “The Crystal Lake” (The Sophtware Slump, 2000)


3- Iron & Wine - “Lion’s Mane” (The Creek Drank the Cradle, 2002)


4- Houndstooth - “Canary Island” (Ride Out the Dark, 2013)


5- Kurt Vile - “KV Crimes” (Wakin on a Pretty Daze, 2013)

Five Song Serenade

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