In the past couple of years, Kelli Schaefer has consistently delivered one technically flawless and wildly energetic set after another to audiences around the Pacific Northwest. Along the way, she’s established herself as one of Oregon’s finest live performers; so much so, that when we began planning opbmusic’s 10th anniversary show, she was one of the first people we called.

To the uninitiated, power and intensity are words that immediately come to mind when describing the band. But Schaefer’s 2017 release, “No Identity,” presented a musician who was evolving and demonstrated an impressive songwriting range that seamlessly fused gasoline-fueled guitar rock with pop.

Recorded and filmed by Banana Stand Media at a house show in late 2017, this performance of “Moonstruck” does not showcase that deft touch. But it does showcase Schaefer and her band at the absolute height of their game.

If you want to witness the full sonic range in-person, you can check out Kelli Schaefer at Holocene in Portland, Oregon, on Thursday, Jan. 31 along with Pool Boys and Miss Rayon. She’ll be celebrating the release of a live album “Kelli Schaefer - Live from the Banana Stand.”

Production credits:

“Moonstruck” was recorded before a live audience Dec. 9, 2017, at Banana Stand in Portland, Oregon. The video features footage from camera operators Darren Hartman, Brian T. Baker, Dan Ostergren, Michael Reiersgaard, and Sky Scholfield, was directed by Darren Hartman, and was edited by Michael McInerney. Audio for this video was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Matt Thomson. Cover art for “Kelli Schaefer - Live from the Banana Stand” was designed by Jodie Beechem and features original photography from Michael Reiersgaard.


Kelli Schaefer - vocals
Ryan Lynch - guitar
Elly Swope - guitar/ keys/ background vocals
Courtney Sheedy - bass
Jeremiah Hayden - drums/ background vocals