Portland band Divers are musical tweeners—stuck somewhere between the worlds of rock and punk. But that doesn’t mean they don’t pack a precise and powerful punch. In fact, the group has succeeded by creating a potent sound that borrows from the best aspects of both genres. 

On their impressive debut album Hello Hello, Divers seamlessly melded the anthemic qualities of rock with the sheer intensity of punk. That record has helped garner the band plenty of plaudits (including being named Portland’s Best New Band by Willamette Week) but it’s their live shows that have truly cemented the band’s status as one of the region’s best. Seeing Divers perform live is like sitting in a furnace filled with bees—its loud, sweaty, and there’s a constant buzz in the room.  

Harrison Rapp, Seth Rapp, James Deegan, and Colby Hulsey joined us to play songs from Hello Hello and chatted about their meticulous songwriting process, shared love of DC hardcore bands, and fascination with Great Depression-era anti-heroes.  

Listen to the full interview below and download mp3s from the performance: